Saturday, October 30, 2010


That's what the rest of the family calls her.. hehehe.. besides her real name which is Marissa.. Uncle Hafidz miss you dearly Achachaaa~

Friday, October 29, 2010

Attack of the Machines - VFX Composition

Attack of the Machines - VFX Composition from kamil hafidz on Vimeo.

My sole project for last semester... I do love some feedbacks and comments... about the textures.. I haven't mastered that particular part yet.. that's why I only used default shaders... 

I lack in observation.. need to see things more carefully... I need to realize all the tiny details that can make a huge difference when it comes to texturing and modeling... 

~it's a work in progress~

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Open Talk

Nini, Me, and Acap in an Open Talk session
We haven't done this in awhile.. we called it "open talk"... by definition it means opening up your opinions to people in the circle... well.. it's kinda like pillow talk... 

This ritual was born about 4 years ago by yours trully and his close friends... 

The Pioneers
Usually what we opened up was who did we had a crush on.. who do we hate and why.. you know.. teenagers stuff *giggles* Our first open talk session was in a car.. a Perodua Kancil to be exact... after dinner, we head to the gas station to fill up gas... but then we decided to stop and talk...

Soon... we invited more close friends in this open talk session.. and more secrets revealed which meant more secrets to be kept... Before we even start the session, we will always remind each other that what happened there, stayed there.. What I like about this open talk is that we tend to give advice and help to one another to solve one's problem.. but sometimes it led to a gossip frenzy which I'm not particularly proud of.. But sometimes it's just uncovering the truth from the rumours...

Example of the Open Talk
Most open talk we had happened randomly... it will always be someplace quiet and calm... and fellow open-talkers *LMAO* will sit in a circle... Lately we haven't done this anymore.. I guess there's nothing worth opening up to.. maybe just yet.. heheee... 

Well.. this is one of the rituals my close friends and I have done.. What about you guys? *wink wink*

2 Things about me...

I know.. figures right.. *giggles* I was bored.. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Raw talent

If you guys had seen The Notebook starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling before, then you should remember this scene... I thought Rachel was convincing in this audition... 

"What easy way out! There is no easy way out.. no matter what I do somebody gets hurt."

I like that part. God I really love The Notebook.. I really do..

Friday, October 15, 2010

Take a Bite of My Heart Tonight, Say Goodbye to My Heart Tonight

Have you guys ever encounter a song that for the first time you hear it.. you definitely fall in love with it... Well.. Animal by Neon Trees is one of the song for me... I like the up-beat tempo of this song... plus the riff is pretty catchy..

I just kill for the hair of the lead guitarist... I think my hair can be stylize like that..

-ohh ohh what are you waitin' for- 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

hipsters got soul...

Meg and Dia did every good job covering R. Kelly's Ignition... I really adore Dia especially when she wears her beanie... and that cardigan.. adorable... Is it a cardigan? hahha.. sorry I'm not that familiar with fashion... 

This video also suggest that you make music with almost anything.. even a basketball.. yes... just by using something unusual for a music instrument.. the whole dynamic change just like that..

Try to appreciate this video and music also aite;

I always imagining myself doing a cover like these 2 videos with a bunch of friends... I think that fantasy will come to reality... I just might... 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Colourama 2008

Some of the photos I captured during that event..

The crowd


 JW86 doing his thang

 Clapping to the beat

 Space invaders


 JW86.. among the pioneers of 8-bit trip music

 Jazmok and Shah


Robo-analogue from MMU

There's more... hopefully I'll upload them to my facebook..

Colourama 2010

Taken from Colourama

"Colourama is an event dedicated to the best and brightest from the realm of 8bit music and its related disciplines. The event showcases the use of the former heavyweight champions of computing; Commodore 64 and Amiga, Atari ST and 2600, Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy - all this in the form of audiovisual experience." taken from IRTalk

Just like 2008.. we surely will free ourselves for this event... later I'll post some of the photos I took during Colourama 2008...  but before this.. just to get into the mood of lo-fi graphics and 8-bit trip music.. check out this,

For more info on who's gonna perform for this year and how to get the tickets.. log on to  Do come and celebrate with us cuz surely we'll be there...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Limited choice of Words of Wisdom

Ok so the title was a bit too much.. but hey.. what can I say.. I'm a big fan of captions and phrases.. There's this youtube dude that I've been following quite sometimes now.. He goes by the name DeStorm.. I got tell you.. DesStorm is the S#*% aite.. hehe..

Both these videos below are a just a couple from him that I really love.. well.. almost all this videos are inspiring and creative... back to these two videos.. just by using very limited vocab.. He tries to make sense with all the words he's spitting... and they even sound nice..

He's very talented... since he's taking people's request... I would really like to collaborate with him using my poems.. *fingers crossed*