Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Gorg always posts cool illustrations, design-related works... and this time.. it's about Tsunami... As we all should know by now.. an 8.9 magnitude earthquake shook Japan almost a month ago... Illustrators, digital painters and designers from all over the world contributed their artwork in a project titled "Tsunami" for the cause..

Here's some of the artwork,

Ludwig Alizon

There's plenty of more from where these came from... feel free to go to Tsunami

Take your dog out for a spin...

Dogboarding from DANIELS on Vimeo.

Dogboarding.. that's the future of skateboarding right there! *laughs* I thought they executed the video pretty good.. got some amazing shots... plus, I like the music.. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Til Death Do Us Part"

Founded at TheDailyWhat. It's a wedding invitation card. What?? Don't believe me? hahaah.. well you should and I simply adore it! If I ever get married *fingers crossed* I would love to have my wedding invitation just like this.. better yet, I would love to make one! 

It is claimed that this badaas invitation card was made by the groom itself Manuel Morgado (He may or may not be) who is in fact an illustrator.. and no I don't mean the software guys (LAME! *high pitch voice*). Even though it's a wedding.. something that we will always cherish it for the rest of our lives, depending on how we love our partners *giggles*.. it's always good to know not to take everything so seriously.. like using Monotype Corsiva-ish kinda typefaces on the wedding invitation card.. That to me IS taking things a lil bit serious.. hahaha..

This one goes to the future Mrs Kamil; Honey, can we have a wedding invitation card just badass as this one? Pretty pleaseeeeeeee with the cherry on top.. *puppy eyes*

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I need inspiration!

Wow... it seems like forever since I've last posted something here... and the latest posts are usually music.. I need to find something fresh, something cool, something from me.. and something worth posting about...

Well, this post however, is about music.. But don't worry guys... I have my found myself some good materials that are worth posting *wink*wink*

If I need an inspiration, and surely indeed I need... Nick Pitera's "One Man Disney Movie" is the right thing to listen for an epiphany bursting in you head.

I don't know bout you guys, but I'm a total sucker for all the classic Disney films. When I hear this magical collage of songs, I remembered all the Disney VHS tape I have, sing-a-long with the siblings and cousins, saying-the-dialog-before-they-even-being-said-in-the-film moments *hahaha get it?*

Only then I can think clearly... innocently... I can say that my source of inspiration came a lot from my innocent childhood.. It's cheesy but doesn't make it any less true... and by saying this, I have obtained inspiration ladies and gentlemen! 

So I really hope you listen to it and feel what I felt when I listen to it.. plus, can you name all the movie that are being featured in this wonderful medley? *Smile*

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Broken Hearted Motown style

I love this rendition of Grenade by Bruno Mars during his performance in the Grammys 2011... It kinda reminded me of the Jackson 5... Never the less.. I think it's too much for him vocally... I still like it though.. :)

This rendition of Grenade reminded me of this song,

Bruno Mars and The Jackson 5 FTW!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Morning with some monkey business

Thanks to Mr Fariz Hanapiah for showing to me this video for the first time last week... now I'm stuck with this song.. Fariz and I had this debate earlier about the girl in the video.. I said she looks like Scarlett Johansson and Fariz said she looks more like Jessica Alba.. after much consideration... we have come to a conclusion that she looks more like Jessica Alba.. He sure has a sharp eyes!

See how I flip this meaningless conversation into an end-of-the-world discussion..

oh yeah I'm da man.. hehe.. sorry guys.. I kinda need to make myself feel more superior.. have a great one!