Saturday, December 26, 2009

Singapore ain't a Bore!

Here's a photoblog of pictures I took during my one whole day visit at Singapore

The Journey begins for the 4 exited boys at 1.30 am

Do read the full post!!! *giggles*

Monday, December 21, 2009


Yeay.... I'm going to Singapore for one whole day! Sad isn't it... hahaha.... the best part is... I don't even have the money to shop there... I'm just following my peeps since exams are over and my family are away to Bangkok... there's no reason for me go back to Penang this week... funtastical!

Walter Benjol!

Taken from Acap's Facebook

uurgghhh... I can't explain how much I'm in pain now... reading media aesthetic really makes my head pulsing! I dunno is it because of the rain or the result of too much aesthetic in my life... I feel like my head's gonna explode with green blood oozing from it... Never the less... I really like Walter Benjamin's theory of mechanical reproduction and Marshall McLuhan's Global Village... it just breaks my heart that people during their time couldn't see what they saw... They are visionaries! I hope that media aesthetics's aura is still in me... hihihi~ good luck y'all answering them questions!

speaking of rain... I got this quote from facebook applications;

"Staying with someone you really love even if you know you two can't be together for a lot of reasons is like standing under the rain... It feels good but you know it will soon make you sick."

uuuuuuuu~ me likey... so deep yet so meaningful... at least for me... hahaha

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Girls, Shoes and I

Last night... I had the liberty of following half of my makciks to OU... they wanted to buy shoes for as long as I remembered... I  personally love to shop but I can't even matched to their power of shopping... they really define the term "shop til you drop". I was barely keeping up the pace with them... Until there are times I was left far far behind... can't blame them, they were hungry... for shoes! hahaha

I have to say that I am an experienced guy when it comes to shopping with girls. here are a few tips when you go out on a shopping spree with them;

1) you are not allowed to give your opinions to what they want unless they asked for it.

2) never ask them, "are you done?"

3) make sure u wear comfortable shoes because it could take all day before they make up their mind.

4) never leave them, you may wander off but make sure you'll be back before she calls you... you could at least wait outside of the shop if you're not much of a help.

5) patience is a virtue :p

6) my personal favourite, SHE'S ALWAYS RIGHT when it comes to shopping, trust me on this one guys :)

lucky for me, I like going out with them, I get to be with my feminine side... if I even have one... *giggles* my makciks taught me a lot in learning women... Ecah was the leader, Mein was the model and Alia was the babysitter... hahahah...

here's some of evidence... :)

let the hunting begin!


the infamous escalator pose

for more pictures! do click...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Here Goes Nothin'

Mic check mic check,
Here goes nothin',
What's up bro hear u been haiting
What's up with that,
U think that u heard your calling,
Lemme tell u sumthin,
Good boy aint goin say he's good,
Shut up and just finish your food,
And before u get bitch slap,
U'll hear the crowd bz clap-ing
With our name you been hitting bad
Oh u do u even think you're as good as that?

I'm sick and tired of your innocent image
When everybody knows you're ain't but a monkey in a cage,
Jumping around and eating bananas,
Laugh out loud go ahead go back 2 your mama's
Come one man u know u got dissed,
Remember the time when u weren't being missed?

I aint gonna give advice nor preach
Just wanna give u a lil hint or even a cold hard notice,
U're just jealous with all the fun we had,
But u're just sittin there reminiscing while gettin mad,
I'll tell u this ain't the first surely not the start,
This is definitely the truth that's coming from the heart!


LMAO... pretty different from the poem I usually write... well... it's kinda like rap... because from what I've known, rap stands for rhythm and poetry... and people often rap to express their feelings...

since it's a harsh one... I figured it would be nice if I interpret the poem in rap kinda way... that's why I used very very bad grammar and I know... that's not an excuse not to use good grammar... even the vocabulary are not proper english... but hey... it's my feelings and I'm entitled to it respectively..

If only there's people out there that can make the beat... surely that would be very great to hear... at least for me that is...

Bajet emo... LOL!

The hottest duo! pergh

lets run this fool down!

Just a few pictures for fun.... hehe... I can't believe I'm even thinking of rapping... hahaha... it's a very different road for me...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cater 2 U...

I really love their version of cater 2 u... the acoustic man version... hihihi... I will forever love RnB/soul songs even though people say the lyrics are cheesy and what not... their vocals rendition are soothing to the ears... hihi... If only I can sing like Melvin.. pergh!

P.S: feel like I wanna do my infamous lame poem... hihihi

Kamil is Kamil

Beta year

Gamma year

my bittersweet fwen... I have a photo of her in our Alpha year that I took using my phone... unfortunately, the phone is at home... hihi...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I'm done with FA for this trimester! yeay! I'm really pleased with myself because with the support from my family and friends... I didn't do my work last minute like I always do...

So regarding the CRIT session... I am surrounded with so many future animators and vfx artist whom I call friends... Our lecturers were really pleased with our performance so far especially the character animation streaming which was my streaming... hihi.. well it's because of my other coursemates that the lecturers were pleased with our streaming. here's what one of our lecturer, Mr Jijoe quoted earlier;

"Basically, you guys are the strongest CA-base among all the batch"

with that, we were all with smile on our faces and relief in our hearts...

Here's the conversation between me and Mr Jijoe after I have finished present;

Mr Jijoe : well... U have control with your rigging and animation... but some part seems slow.. yeah.."

Me : owh, I can explain... I just found out that my Maya was running 30 fps whereas my when I rendered it in AE, it was running on 25 fps... so that's why I stretched it...

Mr Jijoe : owh really... that seems the problem, that's okay because it's a technicality, well done...

so here's my final animation!

I hope I can improve from this... like I always say... It's a work in progress....

Monday, December 14, 2009

My New Roomate

Most of u guys know how much I adore cats... so just as I was going upstairs to my room... I saw this adowable *gigles* kitten... as I walk past by it... it followed me until I reached my floor... so I gwab it's fuwwy body to my room (I tend to talk like this when I'm telling about something cute)... it got so comfortable until it sleeps on my bed... pffft... I guess I'll hit the floor tonite.. kitty cat! this is just temporary aite!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Owh Dear Barf.... I feel I wanna barf... blueekk!

*barf* It's freaking 4 am... and I'm still keyframing this dude a.k.a Barf who can't even move own it's own... hahaha *barf*I really really really hope I can animate you for 30 freaking seconds by this subuh so I can have some peace...*barf*

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Don't Forget to Flush man...

I know it's not a biggie... wait a minute... it IS a B I G deal! I just can't stand it when people don't flush after using the toilet... come one.. we're all civilized right? r we? ok.. so I've set some point when one wants to use the lou..

1) when u wanna use em... first of all.. check to see if the toilet has a pipe for what-u-know....

2) check to see if it's flushable... if it's not.. check in the tank whether the lift wire is proper or not...

3) if none of the above.. find another one if not... please be responsible..

U can't just simply leave your matters for everyone to see... this ain't a freaking exhibition.. for me.. if it's not flushable, then I'll go find a pipe to wash away the urine so on and so forth... but if I have the time, I'd check into the tank.. because sometimes... the lift wire is not connected to the trip handle therefore u can't flush normally... u have to pull it manually... is a good place to learn what's the inside of the tank... just click it... we even used to learn Kemahiran Hidup during our secondary school years... we learn about the toilet was during form 2 if I'm not mistaken... hehe

Besides that... I'm sure there's a lot videos in youtube that tells you what to do.. go find it yourself.. XD

these are some of the pictures I found in pertaining toilets! intriguing... hahaha

by Shozen

by otas32

So after this... a lil DIY (stands for do-it-yourself) wont hurt not one bit okay....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where Art Thou Mak Ciks

currently missing them... literally they've been missing... hahah... I was bored so I look into my pictures folder and I found them.. haha.. I can't believe I endure a lot with them... to know them better... click here


mek alia... hihi

pika pika chaaaa~



may our friendship last til the end of time sistas!

later I'll post about the dudes! hahaha...

Monday, November 30, 2009

What's in store for CRIT!

yup, you heard me... this is what I had come up for my CRIT session tomorrow... well actually... in 5 hours time.. hihi...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

AIdil Adha and something else...

I'm so glad I submitted my ASSignment just in time to go back to my kampung in Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan... well... for 2 days without sleep... it was a rough time driving my Sam, short for Samantha *gigles* which is the name for my Myvi...

Anyway... as I got there.. I would expect to shut my eyes til Friday prayer... to my dismay... haha.. I have to 'work' already... Pak Madin and his family was outside and asked me to take some photographs of them... I was laughing because as soon as I got out of the car... he quickly shouted "Hafidz! meh tangkap gamba Pak Madin ngan and beranak nih"

There goes my beauty sleep. after that, I have to take care of Harith and Rayyan, my nephews from running around and eating stuff of the ground. I gotta tell u guys.. these babies that doesn't know when to stop... they kept running and running and running... surely I should've lost a few pounds... I can tell... hahah


Aidil Adha this year is a special one because the family is celebrating the Twins' (Iya and Ana) 18th birthday... yeay! cake for everybody!!! after singing and cutting the cake, Mak Cidah had a very special poem for the twins... it was very moving and everybody shed a tear of two.. I was snapping pictures here and there... and suddenly I felt that my viewfinder is wet... OMG I was crying as well... hihi... soon when Mak Cidah finished reciting her beautiful poem, the whole family did the takbir and Pak Tua lead the doa for the twins...


how's your aidil adha? I know mine was a blast even though I was sleepy...

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Reason Why I'm Still In Saiba

Finished my work and submitted in at 3 am... yes, we FA students have submission on eid adha... haha... started working from 8 pm til 3 am... yet I'm still awake even though it's 5.35 am... enjoying me freedom

Mr Jijoe : now kamil, enjoy your freedom while it last... but not for long.. back to work this Saturday aite..

Me : Yes sir! T_________T

so this is a screenshot of my work and some of the poses...



Hepi Eid Adha guys! Long live Film and Animation!!! hahaha... that's so sarcastically of me.... gosh

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Playing with After Effects

I did this so call energy ball awhile ago... ok ages ago... this could be the last post for the next 3 weeks... too bz hence no mood to do anything fun... sigh...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hopeful of me

Woah... only 4 weeks into the trimester and works are piling up literally! hahaha... well only because it's a short trimester... we have to work our ass of! Look at me.. I don't have the time to blog.. let alone produce something that's worth to blog about... sigh...

Well... I really wanna meet my friend Maya who is flying to KLIA tomorrow night before leaving for Penang.. but I don't know at this rate, whether I have the time for it...

this was taken during last raya... gud times...

before she leaved for Sabah.. she's studying at UMS

Maya and Maya 2009 user.. hihihi

mayaaaa.... hopefully I can finish my work in time... Walter Benjamin... urrghh..... T___T

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Daring Escape 2D animatics

This is my 2D animatics for my upcoming 3D animation titled "A Daring Escape"... somehow the video is low quality and I know... wrong choice of song.. hihihi... thanks to my last minute work ethics... hihi...

~it's a work in progress~

Sunday, November 8, 2009

100th Post and Paranormal Activity

WOW! this is my 100th post... so much things I've been blabbering about.. yet so little...

I just finished watching Paranormal Activity... *screams* hahah.. ok so I didn't scream wathing the movie.. but it's still a good horror movie... I guess the fact that they did it like the Blair Witch Project... hand held camera recording the whole thing goin on...

But some of the shot was not that natural in terms of dialogue... I mean there's like a cut when the camera is in transition... never the less, I LOVE the movie.. haha.. it's just so thrilling to see the blanket moves on it's own... foot prints on the floor even there's no foot... shadows on the door.. feet being dragged out of the bed... OK! I've given out too much! go see it for yourself! From the words of Stephen King, the KING of horror novel who tortured my childhood years with the novel and film "IT".... he said "Horror is entertainment" right on Mr Stephen King....

I wanna see all the five endings of Paranormal Activity!!! come on!!!!

for more information go to ParanormalActivity now!

owh... my name is on the end credit!! yeay.. hahaha... I know it's so mediocre of me.. but it's still my name.. hehe.. there's also another kamil.. I think he's polish... I think he's a HE.. hahaha

Monday, November 2, 2009

Melonic Maniac Dates Ajwad Ajinda???

Yep... you guys heard me right... that's what I saw the other day when I was hanging out at KLCC... so what the heck right.. I followed them to lunch at Chillis... Turns out that they also go to MMU... same as me... Turns out that Melonic Maniac and Ajwad Ajinda ARE my friends... hahah... haha.. I like making stories.. phew... well.. here's some pictures.. do view the whole post to see their pictures!

Mein with her new car...

GOTCHA!!! you guys are busted!

sad faces after their date is ruined...

fcuk you kamil!

Mein's hungry face

she said this picture is weird...

what a weird way to tie your shoelace

Mein and Diana

Mini Diana

This is the place...