Monday, December 21, 2009

Walter Benjol!

Taken from Acap's Facebook

uurgghhh... I can't explain how much I'm in pain now... reading media aesthetic really makes my head pulsing! I dunno is it because of the rain or the result of too much aesthetic in my life... I feel like my head's gonna explode with green blood oozing from it... Never the less... I really like Walter Benjamin's theory of mechanical reproduction and Marshall McLuhan's Global Village... it just breaks my heart that people during their time couldn't see what they saw... They are visionaries! I hope that media aesthetics's aura is still in me... hihihi~ good luck y'all answering them questions!

speaking of rain... I got this quote from facebook applications;

"Staying with someone you really love even if you know you two can't be together for a lot of reasons is like standing under the rain... It feels good but you know it will soon make you sick."

uuuuuuuu~ me likey... so deep yet so meaningful... at least for me... hahaha

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