Thursday, November 29, 2012

To the window, to the wall!

So I stumbled upon this video at TheDailyWhat. At first, I was like, dude is he serious? I mean for those of you who don't know Get Low is a song sung by Lil' Jon and the Eastside boyz feat. YinYang Twins. So this song is full of explicit lyrics and very degrading at some point. So hence my reaction when I first saw this video.

However, Dan Henig turned this undeniably degrading song to a song boys usually sing with a guitar to woo a girl. *laughs* I really love how the people at the coffee shop reacted when they actually listen to the lyrics he's been singing really beautifully. I assume most of the people there have heard the original version. I laughed really hard listening to this because the arrangement is decent yet the lyrics are so... well you get the point.

Well, kudos to Dan Henig. Love the acoustic cover dude!

Try listening to the original version guys.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Liquid revisit.


Like liquid
Like the sea to the squid,
You give shelter and food,
Like you to this humble kid,
No bad intentions just plain good.

Like liquid,
Like my affections towards you,
Unlike solids and gases,
It flows freely and true,
without being motionless and disappear into masses.

like liquid,
Like the cloud and the sun,
You are mold from to become none,
Forms into particles of white matter,
For which you shall become tears that scatter.

Like liquid,
Sometimes it can be red,
Sometimes it can be blue,
Chemistry is so wonderful and great,
Just like my feelings towards you.

Like liquid,
You give life and important in hygienic reason,
Without hesitation without any season,
Your love for me is like a light in a prison,
It cleans my soul and kills the poison.

If you guys really follow my blog thoroughly, you would realized that I already posted this poem sometime around May. Now, I'm posting this poem again with a lil' somethin somethin.

Ok this is what's gonna happen now. I have written quite a number of poems, but I feel like I wanna put an illustration instead of pictures. But lets face it, I've been writing more that I've been spending my time on drawing nowadays. Therefore I wanted to collaborate with people who can draw while I write. Luckily, a few of my friends are awesome digital-painters/artists/sketchers/doodlers/painters etc.

I feel that collaboration is so much fun than doing things solo.

Well, for this poem, Liquid, I collaborated with my friend/co-worker Ili Farhanah. I visualized my words to her and KA-BLAM!!!! There you have it ladies and gentlemen. I'll be looking forward to our next collaboration.

Dear friends, I really wanna collaborate with you guys. Anything, poetry, comic, we can figure it out. Have fun figuring what life is about. tata~

Publish!!! *high pitch voice*

Friday, November 9, 2012

Delivery Innuendo


"Here’s a commercial we’ve just finished with Simon, it’s for Good Books which is a charity about books. Mooe did all the backgrounds, and Kwok and Djob did the animation, hope you like the large number of boobs shots, it’s my signature as a director, also I’ve done the music, which means, I’m both the dick who’s playing the congas in the first part, carefully recorded in my bedroom and the cunt who’s playing prophet in the second song.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blinded Shallow Minded

This post is gonna be lengthy. I assure you.

I hate shallow minded people. Especially the religious type. This time I'm not holding back. Today, I logged in to my Facebook account and I saw someone's status. He was giving condolences to the people who lost their live in hurricane Sandy. In the very same status, he also said and I quote;

"how does it feel?! what you give, you get back" :)

the power of GOD :)"

Now what does this tell you? If you asked me, I'm utterly disgusted by the fact that initially he wanted to give his sincerest condolences but at the end ended up being a jerk with that stupid statement. I mean, come on. You call yourself a muslim? I know I'm not that pious but I thought Islam teaches us to be grateful, considerate, and forgiving? Where does those teachings fit in that Facebook status? None.

I'm sorry to say that I have lost my sense of respect towards this man. To me, this is just like when the tsunami hit Acheh almost 10 years ago. Many shallow minded people was falling for the tabloids saying that Acheh got hit by the tsunami because the night before, the people of Acheh had a wild party where they had sex and drank booze. It is God's punishment towards them. This could be true. But here's my argument; 

No, I'm not saying that it's not God's work. Of course it does. Everything that happens is in God's will but please, by making statements like "It's god's punishments" and what not is just gibberish. By making such statements and accusations towards God, you are making yourself look dumb. As a muslim, when such catastrophe happens, what I learned was to always be grateful and pray that you are safe, pray that the people affected by the disaster get help immediately and pray to god for forgiveness while you still can. I had an argument with a friend years ago about this tsunami issue. He said that all the bad muslims were punished by God for organizing those wild parties. So I asked him, "But they are still muslims. Why didn't God punished the non-muslims too? Why send the tsunami at Acheh which is part of Indonesia which has the largest muslim population? Why did God punished his own servants?" My friend just stood silence. I continued "How are we to convince people that Islam is the right religion? The only religion? I bet if you say that tsunami was God's punishment towards bad muslims, then those people will never want to embrace Islam as their religion. Why would they wanna embrace a religion that sends you tsunami everytime you have sinned? Might as well embrace other religions and die old and still can commit sins without worrying about any tsunami killing them." This is how I analyze the situation.

If God wanted to punish people who have sinned, why not God burned down those night clubs in Malaysia? Why does God had to hit Acheh with tsunami killing thousands of innocent people? Why? Why? Why? It's called fate. Takdir. The only thing you can do is take solace that you still have a chance to beg for forgiveness. Don't go wander around saying that hurricane Sandy was a way of God punishing America. Innocent people were killed too. Do you think they deserved to die something they didn't do? Sure you do, by making shallow minded statements.

This got me thinking, how are we the muslim trying to show the world that Islam is a religious of peace, love and compassion when muslims themselves have a hard time being peaceful, loving and compassionate.

I know this topic is very sensitive and I the words I used are harsh. I just really couldn't stand it anymore and stay silence when someone makes a shallow statements and use religion to justify it. I could be wrong the entire time I'm writing this so please, if you feel like I didn't get the irony of such shallow Facebook comment just like the above, do enlighten me with your two cents because I really want to be a better person and importantly a better muslim. Do share your thoughts. *I'm not being sarcastic*

In addition, I want to say that my prayers goes to the people who are affected by hurricane Sandy, also to all the muslims in the entire world. May you guys find the strength in each other and also have faith in God.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Terus teranglah.

Soo Wincci feat. Joe Flizzow - Terus Teranglah

Malaysia's homegrown. Joe Flizzow doesn't need any introduction. Joe is among the pioneers of hip hop in Malaysia. Soo Wincci, hmmm.. I knew she's a singer, but I originally knew her from Masterchef Malaysia. Terus teranglah kan, I really love the sound. Decent music video with a lil bit twist at the end. I like it. Plus Soo Wincci looks so mighty fine, so no complaint there.

RnB and hip hop really need a comeback in Malaysia like pretty bad. It makes me miss this old days where I would always pop Too Phat or Ruffedge cassettes just to fall asleep. However, Malaysian aren't that fond of this kind of genre. We can see Dayang Nurfaizah, V.E, Ruffedge, Zahid, Phlowtron already disappeared from the music scene. I only know a few of my friends that's really into RnB and hip hop. Yup, I know sometimes it can be depressing. So it's up to artistes like Soo Wincci, Joe Flizzow and music like this that can turn the game upside down once more. 

"Cinta pandang pertama untuk kali terakhir"

Friday, October 19, 2012

Kau Ade?

eBee, the MMU mascot dance to Oppa Gangnam Style during my convocation. Kau ade? haaaa... It's lovely to know that the person who animated eBee is a friend of mine who was also graduating with me as well.

Anyway.. maybe I'll post some of my convocation pictures.. just for sharing.. maybe I won't. Don't hold your breath aite.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

2012 Resume

A resume I currently finish working on. Yup, this is not a web resume so you really need to squint your eyes to view the details haha sorry. Thought I just shared it with you guys first. Interview in 3 hours time. wish me luck guys :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stranger Danger

Stranger oh stranger,
You are such a danger,
Why oh why you ponder,
Such beauty from another gender,
Makes my mind to wonder,
Gestures of the grandeur,
This beating heart grows fonder,
Stranger oh stranger,
Now no need to ponder,
Why you are such a danger.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pibeday PandaMerah

A birthday shoutout to one of Malaysia's vloggers and he's also my best buddy PandaMerah or as I call him by his real name, Shamin. Have a wonderful one bro. We're bringing chubby back right mate? hahaha..

P.S. Can I be in you vlog pretty please with a cherry on top *wink*

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Lee Chong WAY!

Even though Ming H. said he's no poet, but to me this is far from good. It's awesome. Respect for the words and respect to our very own Malaysian hero, Dato' Lee Chong Wei for bagging a silver medal in the badminton Olympic final. This is what I call 'poetic' justice. hahaha I know.. I'll get a gold medal for lameness.

Besides that, I wanna congrats Pandelela Rinong Pamg for contributing a bronze medal for Malaysia in the women's 10m platform final. Did you guys know, Pandelela is the first woman to get a medal for Malaysia in the Olympics? Amazing right.. you go girl!

Friday, August 10, 2012

This Poem Sucks!

Harriet. Harry-ette.
Hard-hearted harbinger of haggis.
Beautiful, bemuse-ed, bellicose butcher.
Un-trust... ing.
Un-know... ing.
Un-love... ed?

"He wants you back," he screamed into
the night air like a fireman going
to a window that has no fire...
except the passion of his heart.

I am lonely.
It's really hard.
This poem... sucks.

geez Mike Myers, you make me wanna write poems on such early morning! Now, if only I can find a jazz trio. hmm... 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Been There, Done That.

This is why it is so important freelancers such as myself and most of friends to have a binding contract with the clients. Sometimes, you can't blame clients therefore if you have a binding contract with them, they are oblige to pay to even 5$ for a drawing of a bird. *wink* Other times, some clients are simple for here. Don't believe me, check out Clients From Hell and see what I mean.

One thing differs me from the 'freelancers' in the video;

My drawing is what I would say, somewhat decent.. I think so *laughs*

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wooing and La La La

No wonder wooing girls with songs is harder nowadays with all the bleeping gettin' in the way.

To make it even worse, even lyrics that aren't actually really lyrics sounded so much better than music these days. seriously. period.

Bottom line is; Old school will always be cooler. brrrrr~

However, these lyrics will for ever be nice in my ears anytime!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Ok, lets settle down.

Kimbra - Settle Down

So here I am, are you ready?

This dude punk rocks! He got guts and I salute him for going out there with 'em Blink 182 lyrics as pick up lines! Plus he kinda reminds me of Michael Cera.. don't you think so too? *laughs*

By the by, the title of this post was taken from one of Blink 182 hits.. did it manage to grab your attention? haha.. if it did, then my work here is done. *sexy wink*

"come one let me hold you, touch you, feel you.. always"

Friday, May 25, 2012


Like I promised from the last post, I was gonna share with you guys a poem I did last year or is it two years ago. The title is 'Liquid'. I made the poem because I wanted to submit a poem to eatsleepdraw. The theme was liquid. Plus they said that if my poem was good enough, they would published it.

I gotta tell you, it was hard since the theme is liquid, but since we're being honest, I wanna let you in on a little secret. I can write poems when I'm somewhat in love. Fortunately, I was able to make a poem with liquid as its theme because.. haha I was kinda diggin this girl.  *laughs*


Like liquid
Like the sea to the squid,
You give shelter and food,
Like you to this humble kid,
No bad intentions just plain good.

Like liquid,
Like my affections towards you,
Unlike solids and gases,
It flows freely and true,
without being motionless and disappear into masses.

like liquid,
Like the cloud and the sun,
You are mold from to become none,
Forms into particles of white matter,
For which you shall become tears that scatter.

Like liquid,
Sometimes it can be red,
Sometimes it can be blue,
Chemistry is so wonderful and great,
Just like my feelings towards you.

Like liquid,
You give life and important in hygienic reason,
Without hesitation without any season,
Your love for me is like a light in a prison,
It cleans my soul and kills the poison.

Well, as you can see, it's not that good. Well, none of my poems are award winning or deep thinking. I just like to rhyme. Simple as that. Well, I hope you enjoy it.. owh, I really hope someone could visualize this poem. That would be so awesome!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Like can turn to like like

... and like like can turn to love~

Ted & Gooch - Screw You

So guys, I gotta confession...

I think I've fallen for someone. *audience go "seriously Kamil?! Not again..."* It's true. I've been fighting this somewhat feeling for quite sometime now. I'm not gonna tell you who the unlucky lady is because it's pointless. You don't even know her haha. Do you know what's my next plan is;

Forgetting her. Yup, you heard me right. I need to get it out of the system. I can't have this like like feeling. Why? Because I know deep down, it's not gonna work out. Even though deep down I really want it to work. Lets just say I kinda got the heads up on this one. *wink*

I've been thinking over and over, I don't want to ruin what we have right now. Another thing that's stopping me from saying all in my mind to her is fear. I fear of the risk to get my own happiness. What if she said no? How do I go about it? Will we still be friends? When should be a good time to tell her? *giggles*

In addition, I got my heart broken real bad before. Well, lots of time... but the last one was the worst. No, it wasn't because of a lover, but a friend whom I gave my trust. I like that friend and she lied her way out of my fragile heart *cewah* You see, I'm afraid to get my heart broken again. It hurts so bad I'm scared to ever let myself be vulnerable once more.

I don't even have a fighting chance. That's another concrete reason. I mean look at me. Jobless, unattractive and talentless. I'm not loathing for pity here guys *laughs* But that's the harsh reality right now. I hate competing with guys over a girl. That is not how I was brought up. I feel like fighting over a girl is like treating the girl like some sort of prize. I hate that. Self confidence is the keyword here. It's something I need to learn how to own.

Plus I'm looking for the real thing here, not a fling. I'm talking about marriage *The audiences gave a loud sigh. One of them said "Oh no he didn't!"* hahahah.. And I will always believe in "character over chemistry," Right now, I don't think I have the characteristic she adores.

Part of me wants her to read this. Part of me doesn't. If she does read this... my oh my would that be something. 

Anyway, I just needed to let this out and what better way than to blog it out. It's not like I have readers anymore. I know I've been inconsistent since last year. I plan to make it up this year. In fact, my next post is about a poem titled 'Liquid'. 

Sorry guys for posting this really cute song and wrote a stupid story to go along with it. Do enjoy the song.

P.S. This post maybe misleading in 7 different ways. Who cares, I'm the writer here bitches! muahaha!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

May the 4th be with you.

Yesterday was StarWars day! I know I'm not that much of a StarWars geek, but the saga will always be in my heart. Anyway, just a little info about me and StarWars;

The first StarWars movie I watched was The Empire Strikes Back. Back Then, I didn't understand a thing about the movie. The only I love was R2D2 and the whole part where Yoda is training Luke to become a Jedi. I hated the love hate relationship between Han Solo and Princess Leia.. Your name is Han SOLO for godsake! And lets not forget I was about 5 or 6 years old when I watched the VHS tape. So all those lovey dovey stuff was never in my interest. *evil laughs*

My favourite movie in the saga is definitely Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace. No doubt. I love everything about it. Queen Amidala, Obi Wan, Qui Gon, Tatooine (where Anakin was raised), Pod Racing, etc. With that, I will let you guys listen to my all-time favourite track from The Phantom Menace OST, "Duel Of The Fates." Hands in the best fighting scene in the whole StarWars saga, hands down.

P.S. One time, I opened this track my car and let my friends listened to it. A trip to dinner feels like an adventure to another galaxy. It was EPIC! Right guys? *crickets sound*

May the 4th be with you guys because tomorrow it's revenge of the 5th. *giggles*

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Please be considerate..

cuz the oldman might be a jedi.

*please watch til the end*

Monday, April 23, 2012

"Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing"

I can't believe this song is old already. This is so hauntingly melancholicly eargasmic! Ok not an acceptable phrase. but what the hell right. Kimbra is so cute in this video with the outfit and gestures.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lindsey Stirling, you shuffle you way to my heart.

All the guys are awesome! But dear Ms. Stirling really caught my eye.. I mean.. a violinist who can dance enthusiastically while playing the violin?

you should really check her youtube channel and you would know what I'm talking about. In fact, here's a video of her just to get you guys warmed up.

Monday, March 5, 2012

She's back!

She's a comedian... she's a vlogger.. she's none other than the infamous Natalie Tran! I've been a loyal subscriber of her youtube channel since 2008 and she never failed to amuse me. She's been quite for awhile.. 3 months to be exact and it IS actually that long.. I can't wait to watch her upcoming video(s).

She's like the big sister I never had. *tears*

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Touchscreen by Marshall SOULFUL Jones

This guys is so sick on the metaphors and what not. Seriously you put me in a spellbind with your charismatic choice of word play. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good VFX, Bad Actors

Phew.. that was a close shave. Well this is just to show you what kinda neighborhood we live in.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alan's Go Pro Hero 2

Enjoy our wackiness *okay not that wacky*

Footage : Alan Lembu, Panda Merah, Braderbear
Editing: Panda Merah
Talent: Alan Lembu, Panda Merah, Ajwad Ajinda, Braderbear.

Expect more from this four individuals, Insyaallah.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Totally Relatable

*talking on the phone and noticed boss is watching* nah it's cool man, I'm rendering..

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brief moment with Dad

After my final FYP presentation, I went to see le Dad at KLIA before he took off for Penang.

le Dad

le moi

I guess I have my Dad's nose.. well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.. "Mana tumpahnya kuah kalau bukan ke nasi.".. enough proverbs for one day! Anyway.. here's a text my father sent to me before I submit my FYP.. I thought it was so sweet of him :)

well, that's it from me..