Friday, November 16, 2012

Liquid revisit.


Like liquid
Like the sea to the squid,
You give shelter and food,
Like you to this humble kid,
No bad intentions just plain good.

Like liquid,
Like my affections towards you,
Unlike solids and gases,
It flows freely and true,
without being motionless and disappear into masses.

like liquid,
Like the cloud and the sun,
You are mold from to become none,
Forms into particles of white matter,
For which you shall become tears that scatter.

Like liquid,
Sometimes it can be red,
Sometimes it can be blue,
Chemistry is so wonderful and great,
Just like my feelings towards you.

Like liquid,
You give life and important in hygienic reason,
Without hesitation without any season,
Your love for me is like a light in a prison,
It cleans my soul and kills the poison.

If you guys really follow my blog thoroughly, you would realized that I already posted this poem sometime around May. Now, I'm posting this poem again with a lil' somethin somethin.

Ok this is what's gonna happen now. I have written quite a number of poems, but I feel like I wanna put an illustration instead of pictures. But lets face it, I've been writing more that I've been spending my time on drawing nowadays. Therefore I wanted to collaborate with people who can draw while I write. Luckily, a few of my friends are awesome digital-painters/artists/sketchers/doodlers/painters etc.

I feel that collaboration is so much fun than doing things solo.

Well, for this poem, Liquid, I collaborated with my friend/co-worker Ili Farhanah. I visualized my words to her and KA-BLAM!!!! There you have it ladies and gentlemen. I'll be looking forward to our next collaboration.

Dear friends, I really wanna collaborate with you guys. Anything, poetry, comic, we can figure it out. Have fun figuring what life is about. tata~

Publish!!! *high pitch voice*

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