Saturday, October 31, 2009

Use Somebody... hmmmm

You guys probably know the song Use Somebody by Kings of Leon.... I think it's a great song with great arrangement, great lyrics and great vocals... but hey...

So here's few covers that I found that I think really stands out... to me, they have their own originality and that makes the covers even more astounding...

by Paramore... Hayley's voice made it so well... paramore-y hahaa

by Pixie Lott... I like her British accent

by Airto... This guys put a lil bit of RnB into the song and bamn!

enjoy guys! I know I do... hihi... woah woah...... woah woah!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Windows 7

This post's gonna be the shortest post yet.... I think.... I just reformat my Pixie Chloe (my PC) to windows 7! she's new! I feel like a kid again playing with his new toys... maybe not new... but improved!

image taken from gettyimages

hehe... now I don't have to change my wallpaper manually... as most of you guys know.. I constantly change my wallpaper every day or so... heheh.. well.. I haven't installed the adobe creative suite yet.. therefore I can't do anything creative yet... hehe... will update soon!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hard Rock Hujan!

During the holidays, there wasn't anything much to do with this so call life... then I got a Facebook update saying that Hujan will be performing at Malaysia's very own Hard Rock Hotel in Penang... So that was my mission for the holidays. So I went to see what's going on with them... I asked Capix to join me in my quest...

I met a lot of interesting yet friendly people there... I mean... we can easily click with them even though their totally strangers! Not to mention a few cute girls even talked to me.. I was like "what what?" hahaha...

Well.. from what I'd experienced from the show, Hujan is great. They really enjoyed rocking out at hard rock hotel. It's just totally good music with Noh's showmanship, Ag's face melting solo, Hang Dimas's gut busting keyboard, Ambobzeela's heart thumping drums and Izzat's mind blowing bass.... haha I maybe exaggerating a bit but I really love good music and from a band I personally adore.. 2 big thumbs up for Hujan! keep raining boys!

with Noh

Do we look like twins?


Hang Dimas!

Rocking out...

The bartender


feeling the song... haha

the atmospehere

face melting solo...

uh baby it's raining... *giggles*

Here's a video of them performing "Sangkar Besi Hatiku" that I captured using my Canon G10... it's not much but enjoy... and owh.. please ignore my ikky tone deaf voice... *giggles*

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This is so money saving!

ok2.... what you're about to see will revolutionized the clothing industries! well... maybe for men like me... I can't believe a simple shirt can turn into many things that girl can wear... I told my friends earlier... If I ever have a girlfriend.... a shirt would be the perfect birthday gift... heck just this one shirt.. she can have tons of many interesting outfit made out from that... soooo... who's that lucky girl.. haha.. anyway enjoy the video...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thoughts on Papadom

I know most of you guys already watched Papadom... so I can't say that this is a review.. hehe.. so basically it's just my view *gigles* (god that was lame)

Afdlin shauki has once again delighted my life with his movie, Papadom. there's a couple of things I wanna point out after watching this wonderful movie.

Ok here it is... the story is decent. I mean there is a lot of movie especially hollywood's blockbuster that tells the story of a parent that can't let go of his/her child. So what makes this malaysian papadom different from the hollywood cusine? that one different is AFDLIN SHAUKI. A lil bit of his touch and *PUFF* the film is superb. Afdlin has his way of telling the story. For instance... the opening of the movie which was also some sort of narration is the boria performance (Penang culture). Witty one liners a slapstick jokes are always the core of Afdlin's movie but this time he added a dash of sensitivity with the relationship between Dom and his daughter. and owh, I like the relationship between Dom and his wife even when she's dead... that's hillarous and original at the same time for me...  

The cast line-ups are the very best at what they are doing. Liyana Jasmay is this amazing talented petite girl who really did her homework. The father-daugher chemistry between Afdlin and her is great. they really did look like father and daughter to me with their antics and personality. Farid Kamil and Scha Alyahya were both very good. they really got out of their comfort zone in order to become their characters which make me realize that it's just so hard to do that. Que Haidar was charming in his own way. all in all... this cast really did a good job in making this movie more memorable.

I hope I can make movies like Afdlin... u inspire me man!

Atina's Outing

Last weekend... my family and I went to see my sister who is a form 4 student in MRSM Taiping... well.. we went out to Ipoh and ate lunch there... most of the time were in the car.. haha.. here's a few pictures of the day..

foreground frame... eheh...



words of wisdom

I like taking photos from this angle

rules of third

 at this angle... the head will look enormous.. which I like... XD

The whole family

Attack the old man! hehe

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Creative "Tak Nak!"

Among the things that I learned about smoking is that

 - it does NOT makes you look cool
 - you don't attract people.... attention YES.... hearts NO

so here are some anti-smoking advertisements that I hope would make people and myself personally get what smoking does to you and the people around us.....

Quoted from The Design Inspiration :

Anti-smoking ads have gotten increasingly graphic, even gruesome in the past few years. If you have tried to quit smoking and failed before, take comfort in the fact that most smokers fail several times before quitting successfully. The images below will ease your way and help insure that this is the last time you ever need to go through the quitting process.

These are my favourites :

I like the way the designer stacks the cigarettes to make the shape of lungs

It's just creative that the smoke that a shape of plastic bag as if smokes suffocate people around them

Don't try this maze..

Cigarettes are like time bomb...

suicide wallpaper

You think it makes you prettier? think again...

for more creative Anti-Smoking Advertisements click here

One of my friends and also a die hard blogger Ecah also contribute to the cause....

Taken from her Blog

I hope we all can gain something from these wonderful yet creative advertisements...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Syrrr's Senawang Scene

Single and Available....

"serlahkan keayuanmu..."

penghuni D-21-A

Tok Janggut!

Ejad Peraaah and IMpossible...


Ajinda and his Blackbird Fly...

Abul WaktuWakta

group photo 1

group photo 2

for more photos... feel free to go to my Facebook account aite....

Friday, October 9, 2009

Zati's Open House










 for more pictures... u guys can go to my facebook...

all in all... we had good times there... what I like the most is that we convoy with 4 cars... ROAD TRIP!

Lets do this again guys....