Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thoughts on Papadom

I know most of you guys already watched Papadom... so I can't say that this is a review.. hehe.. so basically it's just my view *gigles* (god that was lame)

Afdlin shauki has once again delighted my life with his movie, Papadom. there's a couple of things I wanna point out after watching this wonderful movie.

Ok here it is... the story is decent. I mean there is a lot of movie especially hollywood's blockbuster that tells the story of a parent that can't let go of his/her child. So what makes this malaysian papadom different from the hollywood cusine? that one different is AFDLIN SHAUKI. A lil bit of his touch and *PUFF* the film is superb. Afdlin has his way of telling the story. For instance... the opening of the movie which was also some sort of narration is the boria performance (Penang culture). Witty one liners a slapstick jokes are always the core of Afdlin's movie but this time he added a dash of sensitivity with the relationship between Dom and his daughter. and owh, I like the relationship between Dom and his wife even when she's dead... that's hillarous and original at the same time for me...  

The cast line-ups are the very best at what they are doing. Liyana Jasmay is this amazing talented petite girl who really did her homework. The father-daugher chemistry between Afdlin and her is great. they really did look like father and daughter to me with their antics and personality. Farid Kamil and Scha Alyahya were both very good. they really got out of their comfort zone in order to become their characters which make me realize that it's just so hard to do that. Que Haidar was charming in his own way. all in all... this cast really did a good job in making this movie more memorable.

I hope I can make movies like Afdlin... u inspire me man!


theNabil said...

dude, u gotta watch cuci the musical. seryes besst.

Anonymous said...

ramli kater turun tangan...ramli ramli ramli...dia jabatan lain