Friday, July 31, 2009

Can I get your number?

finally! I can rest my chemistry.... but not for long... It's finally midterm break... but I'm not going back to Penang... I'll be staying at the hostel.. tons of work still needed to be done... but I wanna laiy back and relax this weekend and spend some times with my peeps... maybe a trip to my kampung which is just a 1 hour drive from Cyberjaya...

Anyway... you know how hard it is for guys to get a girl's number... I mean.. first, we have to plan how to start a conversation, then slowly by the end of the conversation, ask for her number of course... but there's no guidebook in getting a girl's phone number... men fail miserably all the time.. sometimes it's a win-win-scenario.

after wathing this video, you might get a slight idea of what I mean...

~so I was wondering.... uhh... can I have your number? can I have it? will you give it to me?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Character Model

I dunno if i can get a rest even during the midterm break.. things are getting pretty hectic and my life is now chaotic.. what a way to put 'Life' in words right...

Just last Saturday, I was so sick until now, it's been like 5 days I've been sick... because of that, I didn't go to my CRIT (critic) session for my character model assignment...

I've spend like 5 days working on it and I just gave up at 5 in the morning just now. With my fever, coughing, flu, headache, I didn't have the energy to finish up the hand and making everything smooth... well.. it's still look pretty shitty to me if you know what I mean...

I wanna apologize to my parents if I brought them down... but I'm trying... it's just that I'm slow..

need to pick up the pace! need to buck up!

~it's a work in progress~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Drill Sergeant?

does he look like a drill Sergeant to you?

I'm trying to create a character for my Film and Animation 1... since I can't sleep, I drew him.. actually I was inspired with the drawing of The Punisher... thanks to the guy who drew the punisher.. your character inspired me... more sketches to come...

~it's a work in progress~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10th of July 2009

Recap of what happened on this historic day for this poor guy named Kamil Hafidz bin Adnan

so this is what I got for my 20th birthday...

a GUESS Suede perfume from my parents...

a birthday card from Tropicana Life... I have to go there to redeem my mystery gift..

a birthday card from my family.. inside my father wrote "Be prudent, it's not about money :)"

the guys at KFC

no peeking Nini... it's my present.. duh~

so many weird expressions for a birthday celebration.. XD

Listening to Epha, Diela, Dayah and Dody singing the Happy Birthday Song to me.. love u guys!

Wipe the smirk off your face.. you're 20 for goodness sake!



FLOUR!!!! (I can't believe they were giving out the flour behind my back)

with my all time favourite girl Mein..

Acap got his fair share of the flour... XD

The Constant Bulliers (click to see who they are)

with my homies and roomies.. haha

the infamous Bapak pose..

What I will look like on my 50th birthday... XD

awesome friends!

too much flour will do you harm...

With my bittersweet friend, Ecah.. and busy body Alia.. XD

and the winner for The Most Favourite Pose goes to... Acap...

Thanks guys for loving me... I wish everyone was there that night...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Crossover with Ms Zati Afzan

I was helping her with her vector... turns out she didn't my help after all... she was better than me.. waaahhh... got to buck up my drawing skills...

She did the tracing and I helped colored it... She said I made it look dreamy... And I dunno why.. hehe..

the one that she submitted was way nicer than mine... Like I always say... "it's a work in progress"

Friday, July 10, 2009

20 years old and still going...

10th of July... it's that time of year again where flour tossed at me is allowed...

yup it's my birthday.. hahaha... I'm 20 years old now... since I'm far far away from my family, my friends decided to celebrate my birthday.. Like last year, the venue was KFC Seri Kembangan.. after awhile.. I remembered, this is where I celebrated my birthday last year.. coincidence? I think not! XD... anyway, I had a blast this year because I didn't realize they were plotting to toss flour at me.. Have to spy on them more.. heheh...

and not to forget Diela, Epa, Dayah and Dody who sang to me through the phone..

pictures will be uploaded on the next post, I just wanna thank all of u guys who wished me... It meant a lot to me knowing that I have friends here in MMU...

Wishers :

Ana (cousin) - "Abg Fiz, hepi burfday."

Hazwan - "Happy f***ing birthday brother bear!"

Atina (sister) - "epi epi birthday! Smoga dpanjankan umur! Muah2!"

Dody - Kamil kawanku, selamat hari tua, god bless u kamil. haengbokhaseyo ;)"

YMers :

Diela - "kamillllllllllll happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! weheeeeeeeeeeee nak hadiah :P

Syafiq Sado - "happy bday bro, gud luck hv fun"

Zack teddy picker - "selamat hari muda"

Ghazi - "kamiL! happy bday syg! muahh!! have a blast bro!

Sal - "ahhaha happy besday yaw"

Syed - "weh selamat harijadi weh semoga hensem selalu"

Helmi - "bear happy birthday brrrro!"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Vision

bored and got nothing else to do..

-accompanying my DM (digital media) friends doing vector graphic.. and also MIans (media innovation) doing their assignment

this is the result... hehe.. not much though...

I need as attitude adjustment... *sigh*

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Delayed work

what should've finished during the semester break... still working on it.. will post it soon... :)