Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10th of July 2009

Recap of what happened on this historic day for this poor guy named Kamil Hafidz bin Adnan

so this is what I got for my 20th birthday...

a GUESS Suede perfume from my parents...

a birthday card from Tropicana Life... I have to go there to redeem my mystery gift..

a birthday card from my family.. inside my father wrote "Be prudent, it's not about money :)"

the guys at KFC

no peeking Nini... it's my present.. duh~

so many weird expressions for a birthday celebration.. XD

Listening to Epha, Diela, Dayah and Dody singing the Happy Birthday Song to me.. love u guys!

Wipe the smirk off your face.. you're 20 for goodness sake!



FLOUR!!!! (I can't believe they were giving out the flour behind my back)

with my all time favourite girl Mein..

Acap got his fair share of the flour... XD

The Constant Bulliers (click to see who they are)

with my homies and roomies.. haha

the infamous Bapak pose..

What I will look like on my 50th birthday... XD

awesome friends!

too much flour will do you harm...

With my bittersweet friend, Ecah.. and busy body Alia.. XD

and the winner for The Most Favourite Pose goes to... Acap...

Thanks guys for loving me... I wish everyone was there that night...

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