Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Constant Bulliers...

Being a big guy and all that... u guys might think that i'm the one calling the shots when it's come to pick on people... or not... but lemme tell u guys this... i'm the victim here!! to make it even worse.. all of them are girls!

yup it's true... back in campus... there's 5 very mean girls who always try to kill my happiness (oh so dramatic!)
ecah, the pincher of steel! i swear to god my arm almost got ripped off by it.

syira and nad, the puncher and the slapper.. u dont wanna mess with them

alia, dont get fooled by the oh so innocent look.. she pulls hair like it's nobody's business!

and finally mein, she just join the club, actually i never thought she had it in her... she got the whole package.. pincher, puncher, slapper, poker.. u name it!

their style vary from hair pulling, slapping, pinching, punching, poking... i tried to roll with the punches.. but failed especially when they unite...
one of the method they used...

even so, their still my 'bestest' friends in whole wide world and i will never replace them for anything in this world.. hurm... maybe not in the near future.. heheh...

but the bullying has got to stop ladies! u're making me look bad in front of all the hot chicks out there.. LMAO! .... just kidding...

why do i get the feeling that the bullying aint gonna stop.. heheh.. well.. just as long as you guys are happy and i dont end up in ICU... XP


she rawrr said...

punching bag yang awesomee.
i lap u for worries,u will b missing us awesome-sumosome bile x kene bully XD

Alia Ibrahim said...

at least kteorg ade 2 cheer u up bebeh!
klu x,xde sape nk buli u..
nti kteorg xde,i'll miss us lotsss kan kan,i noe..
ahahhaaaa.. =P

Aisyah Adam said...

lol i like this post :)
yeayyy hug bear sambil kasi cubitan yg paling AWESOME!

*check nnt kaler ape lebam*
ngehhhh XD

nadee said...

yeah baybeh yeahhh!!
oh ye kat page mein ade gamba aku pukul kau masa hari scandals tu