Monday, February 23, 2009

friends come and go.. hopefully come again...

Last Saturday... i went to KLIA to see my friend, Azlan Musyabri took off.. he's studying abroad.. specifically, he's going to
Australia.. I'm so happy for him.. think of all the hot chick he'll meet there.. heheh...

anyway, it seems that most of my friends are studying abroad and the left me behind here in Malaysia.. hehe

they're going places and me... i'll just hang around here at the mamak's... XP

some of them are really really really close to me.. some of them goes back since primary school.. hehheh

Afif - he's at UK

Aishah - she's at Canada

Azlina - She's at US

Salwa - She's at New Zealand

Maya - She's at UMS sabah.. does that count as abroad.. hehe

nevertheless.. I'm happy where I'm now.. peace y'all!

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