Saturday, January 29, 2011


CRESCENT! Yep.. that's what we'll always shout before our game start... Yesterday was our last match for the semester... it was against Nemesis... and guess what.. We won!

3-0 dude! after every match, we would always review our gameplay, and after every match our team gets better.. and the last match was the finest! Even though we were 11 guys and there were only played with 9... so we kinda had the advantage.. that doesn't mean we were overconfident and looked down on our opponent..

All in all.. of all the 9 matches we had during this semester, this is our first win... we had a draw and 7 losses.. *laughs* what can  I say... we're a team that is constantly improving... but I have to say.. I our greatest defeat was against Kacang FC where they beat us at a staggering 5 to nothing... I mean.. how bad can you play until you conceded 5 goals?? hahahah..

Another defining moment was when we drew with Atletico Assaceno... Both our goals came from our superstar player Andiano.. yep that's his real name... and both of the goals were from a long range freekick...

I have to say our team highlight was when we lost to Barcala FC... little known fact.. majority of the players from Barcala are close friends of us and we even train on the same field like next to each other.. so there's this rivalry going on between us.. but there's no need to fear.. it's all good competition... Even though it's just a mere 2-1 defeat, we felt good because we controlled the game especially the 2nd half.. we were just out of luck in the scoring department... plus one of their goals was a penalty shoot out.. Never the less.. a goal is still a goal.. a goal can differentiate a team between winning and losing..

So this is all the match we played;

vs Mantis - 1-2
vs Staff - 0-2
vs Atletico assaceno - 2-2
vs Saracen - 0-1
vs Sejuk - 0-1
vs Abu Dhabi - 0-1
vs Kacang - 0-5
vs Barcala - 1-2
vs Nemesis - 3-0

I really hope Crescent will still go on for next semester.. but I don't really have the time to go to practice and matches and I will be doing my internship at that time.. Insyaallah...

Here's some of the photos Shamin took during our last match...

Crescent FC

Perus and King (center forward and midfielder)

Me with a moustache

Our very own Khairul Fahmi, Remy the 2nd keeper

Nabil the leftback
The centerbacks! Aley and yours trully..

a picture with Alia, a kipas-susah-mati (die-hard-fan)

the picture above kinda reminded me of this Slamdunk poster.. hehehe


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Petrosains - The magic in me

This was recorded earlier this semester.. Before we were all too busy to have a social life.. physically that is.. We went to Petrosains KLCC because Shamin wanted to get some inspiration for his final year project...

Petrosains Trip (pt. 2) from Shamin Aizat on Vimeo.

All the footages were edited by our very own Shamin a.k.a PandaMerah... He has his own style and flavour.. and I look forward on our upcoming project together... it will be a phenomenal BraderBear and PandaMerah collaboration! Insyaallah... 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Furry Kiss

What Does It Feel Like To Kiss A Moustache? from Angeline Gragasin on Vimeo.

Do you girls ever think about kissing a man with a moustache? Well, Angeline Gragasin tried to imagine that.. hahah

Angeline Gragasin did this video of 3 to creatively help raising funds and create awareness for the prostate cancer campaign, "Movember"... during the month long campaign, it encourage people to grow a moustache in one month time..

I thought this video is creative and funny as she relates all those stuff (toothbrush, brush, etc.)  to symbolize the moustache... I urge you to watch all the 3 videos she made for this wonderful campaign... 

Well dear Ms. Angeline, pucker up cause I ain't shaving mine! hahahahahaha... psychotic much! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Futuristic Vintage

Was doing my UV layout on Maya ever so hardworking-ly and suddenly my graphic card crashed..  it's normal but I was really into my work.. thus killing my mood ever to start again.. non the less, I did save what I had before my PC went gay...

Anyway.. on my Tumblr's dashboard, The Daily What posted a new music video from She and Him...

She & Him - Don't Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.

I adore She and Him... it's indie.. it's so 70s and it's soooo Zooey Deschanel! What's wrong about that right.. I like the creative direction of this music video.. it's started out like one of those American retro educational video, not that I know what they really are.. I just assume as that's what the convey in the television. Well the educational video was a brief story about the future... but hold your horses there sunny! What they did is that they interpret the future was being so vintage and retro-ish.... it's so cool having to see all the gadgets and machines like in the 80s sci-fi movie... upon looking at the set, I kinda relate it to the game, The Sims; minimalistic.

When I think of the future, I can only think of music like Daft Punk, Ratatat or even Black Eyed Peas... but in this particular futuristic interpretation, the music is indie pop and I like the feel of it..

In this music video.. I can really understood the phrase "Back to The Future"... *laughs!* How cheesy was that!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cute, Customizable and Pixelicious

Pixelotts Promo Video from kamil hafidz on Vimeo.

My latest work with my Canon 60D... I know it's not my best work.. not that I have any... but I feel good about it...

For all of you who are a technical junkie out there... I used After Effects' motion tracker for the first shot... I wanted to use the motion tracker for all the typography but the video I shoot was not good at all as the tracking points aren't as clear and detail as I want them to be...

There were a couple of shots where I use a plugin call Twixtor to make them slow-mo. There's the shot where Mein was holding the Rantai.Art Event flyer and Ecah... For Ecah.. the slow-mo part was actually quite fast but you can see the slow-mo effect on her hair...

As for the ending part... I don't have that much time so "The End" was the only thing I could muster up... I started editing the video around 3am until 9am... I slept soon after that and woke up at 12 to add the music... and owh by the way... the music I selected is Fader by Temper Trap.. but this is the Adam Freeland Remix.. eargasm!!!! 

I like to thank Mein, Ecah, Syira and Alia for giving me the opportunity to make this video for their Cyberprenuership group, Pixelotts... I would like to request to be the Pixelotts official photographer and videographer... hahaha... I'll hand in my resume and portfolio first thing in the morning.. *wink*wink* 

A Twist of Creepy and Desperation

I won't deny Taylor Swift's You Belong With me is a very lovey dovey song with her fairy tale rendition and musical arrangement... I but gotta say, Erin Markey potrayed the girl singing this song so psychotic and desperate! Come to think of it.. the lyrics kinda sound creepy and psychotic at the same time when you look at a different perspective..

I bet most of you guys would feel the same way listening to Erin Markey's cover... To me.. She's good... she got that broadway-ish voice and she acts while she's singing... that's hard... I really love the ending part of the cover where she changed her vocal chords to imitate the cliche voice of the devil... 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Candid Happiness

I cherish the simplest thing that life has to offer me. So everytime I see people especially my friends laughs and smiles without me noticing... there's this sudden burst of happiness inside of me.. I feel like an audience watching this sitcom called "Life". *ok poyo*

Little known fact about me is that I really love to snap pictures of people without them noticing.. sometimes I feel like a part-time paparazi *laughs* But most of the time I feel like I'm capturing those really innocent, meaningful and true moments of my life. 

Everytime I flash my Iphone or my camera.... I'm hoping that the person I'm looking thru the viewfinder is not noticing... so that his/her expressions are real and not posing for the sake of looking good in the photo. Sometimes when I got caught trying to take their pictures.. they often smile for pose... it's okay but the innocence is gone... I'm that fussy... for example, a friend of mine is telling a really scary story with the expressions included... but as I try to snap his picture, he tried to smile.. so I failed to capture a very expressive story-teller and I got just another pose-for-the-camera kinda picture.. 

Get what I mean; priceless expressions!

I always like to show the photo I took to them as I hope that they could see the beauty I see...  But lets be frank... most of you guys know I love taking pictures of people sleeping.. cuz I don't sleep! hahahaha...

More candid pictures to come! This I promise you...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Peter "Phenomenal" Fennema

Actually there's no phenomenal in his name.. I just created the nickname.. and I'll tell you why...

I can't sleep... tired of doing my work.. so I went to my #1 website; Youtube... usually to seek funny, inspirational, reference videos... but mostly to listen to songs that are not on my playlist... what to do right.. it's 5am in the morn and I was feeling kinda blue, straight away I search the song Sempurna by Andra and the Backbone, a very beautiful love song... shortly after that... on the search list, I saw this...

I was really amazed that this man sang in fluent Bahasa Indonesia... I know many people have, but often they speak, not sing fluently... On the description of the video... he put a link of another website ( which was an interview he did and explained all on why he sings Indonesian songs... 

Quoted from the website;

"A few years after graduation we (my girlfriend Lucie and I) went to South East Asia to travel for a year. Indonesia was our main destination, and it appeared to be a good choice.

Before we left we studied Bahasa Indonesia for about half a year. We flew to Bangkok and travelled down South through Malaysia and Singapore to Indonesia. We stayed in Indonesia for 8 months!

We visited Java, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Maluku (Ambon, Banda, Kei and Tanimbar). The diversity of the country is huge, so many different cultures and traditions.

If you travel in Indonesia you are very close to the local people, especially when you're using public transport and when you're in remote areas. We've encountered so many warm hearted friendly people, so many lovely smiles, that Indonesia began to feel like our home, even though we did not have a residence."

I feel like I wanna go travel to a foreign country like him...

I didn't put the rest of the interview here but feel free to read it at the link I put above... Here's another cover he did..

Gotta love this cover too!

Well... hope you enjoyed my brief introduction of Peter "Phenomenal" Fennema! I hope he likes the nickname.. *laughs* owh one more thing, you Peter "Phenomenal" Fennema, Have been tumblrized! Oh yeah...

Friday, January 7, 2011

So I'll Try

Dear God,
Now I really notice you,
Forgive me for I have sinned,
I never realized all the guidance you followed me through,
So I'll try my best to be your humble servant ever so keened.

Dear Mommy and Daddy,
Words can't show my gratitude,
You have shown me love since I was a baby,
So I'll try my best to adjust my attitude.

Dear Friends,
You are my family here,
Without you, I'm just a lonely fat boy,
I beg you, don't treat me like a broken toy,
So I'll try my best not to make you shed even a tear.

Dear Love,
why is it hard to find you,
high and low, far and near,
I promise I'll be yours forever and ever,
So I'll try my best to make you happy my dear.

Dear 2011,
Please be nice to me,
For I am shallow,
Knowledge are hard things to swallow,
So I'll try my best not to keep myself on the down low.


So I guess this is my way of wishing you guys a Happy New Year! I know some of the stanzas are too long and doesn't even make sense.. Anyway... I hope you guys have a great year and all the best with future undertakings!