Thursday, January 13, 2011

Candid Happiness

I cherish the simplest thing that life has to offer me. So everytime I see people especially my friends laughs and smiles without me noticing... there's this sudden burst of happiness inside of me.. I feel like an audience watching this sitcom called "Life". *ok poyo*

Little known fact about me is that I really love to snap pictures of people without them noticing.. sometimes I feel like a part-time paparazi *laughs* But most of the time I feel like I'm capturing those really innocent, meaningful and true moments of my life. 

Everytime I flash my Iphone or my camera.... I'm hoping that the person I'm looking thru the viewfinder is not noticing... so that his/her expressions are real and not posing for the sake of looking good in the photo. Sometimes when I got caught trying to take their pictures.. they often smile for pose... it's okay but the innocence is gone... I'm that fussy... for example, a friend of mine is telling a really scary story with the expressions included... but as I try to snap his picture, he tried to smile.. so I failed to capture a very expressive story-teller and I got just another pose-for-the-camera kinda picture.. 

Get what I mean; priceless expressions!

I always like to show the photo I took to them as I hope that they could see the beauty I see...  But lets be frank... most of you guys know I love taking pictures of people sleeping.. cuz I don't sleep! hahahaha...

More candid pictures to come! This I promise you...

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