Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Photo by me.
Some of my colleagues at the company where I’m currently doing my internship… see how focus they are at their work :P
top left - Loyat (animator)
top right - Jeihan (tracker)
bottom left - Ili (compositor)
bottom right - Aizat (2D artist)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rio: life's a carnival.

So I went to see Rio at the cinema with Ajinda.. so what.. so what?? it's frigging awesome that's what... So here's my review on Rio..

I'll try not to touch more on the technical side of it... lets start off with the storyline. For me, I guess the main theme would be freedom. Simple as that.. the plot is not mind blowing; get caught - meet strangers - goes on great adventures - beat the bad guys.. don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to spoil the synopsis, but that's basically the summarization of the plot in the movie...

I've always telling saying that the story is very important.. but Rio came up with a pretty normal-nothing-out-of-the-universe kinda story but it's still pretty good.. I guess I liked the script enough to make me forget about the storyline that much... Have you guys seen the animated feature Bolt? Yes, about the reality TV dog on a mission to find his master.. along the way, he befriends a cat and a hamster and went on a journey across America to find his  masters... exactly like Rio.. with a couple of exceptions and originality... There's one chasing scene in the film that reminds me of a shortfilm I saw about 2 years ago..

Besides the script, the amazing voice actors really did an amazing job giving life to their respected characters.. Jessie Eisenberg as I quote from my twitter feed, "Would make a great talking macaw." His character, Blu is perfect for him just like Jack Black as Po in Kungfu Panda. Anne Hathaway's voice is always nice to my ears I can never have enough of George Lopez's smart talk.. even as a family-guy puffin *laughs*

Some of the characters reminded me of Angry Birds...
Another plus point for Rio is the colour. Although the colour scheme to almost every scene is very colourful.. it's pleasing to the eyes.. usually when there is so many colours the eyes tend to get hurt and you can't seem to 
tell where's the focus point in that scene.. but in Rio.. every colours compliment each other to create this harmonious balance... 

Last but not least, the music in the movie suits the carnival-ness *if that's a plausible notion* life that the movie tries to portray.I'm lost for words why I adore Rio so much.. Final words for Rio; Charming and colouful. Well I guess that's my say on Rio.. do watch it with your family and friends and enjoy the beautiful and colouful life of Brazil while you're at it. Cheers and assalamualaikum :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Old header

This was the original header for my blog.. I was just starting to warm up with photoshop.. heheh.. gosh I need a new and fresh header... guys, inspire me!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Pixelating Subang

The Pixelotts have invaded Subang.. and I'm lucky enough to be the few that had witnessed it first!

*do enlarge it for a better view since I've wrongly set the size in photoshop, sigh*

The first photo of the day

The seniors that came, Irwan with his other half and Shah Azman

Dangling dazzle-ness 

I dunno which one of y'all took this.. but thanks! *giggles*

Syrrr and Mein


Their latest inventions

Mein was selling her collections of Jean Ure

Last but not least, The Pixelotts all together!

They will surely be at Subang Parade again if I'm not mistaken.. invade their facebook page at Beadxels Pixelotts to find out more...

And for more awesome pictures taken by an awesome friend of mine who is by exception and awesome photographer.. simply go to Ajinda

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

From the creators of Upin and Ipin.. comes a whole new story, Pada Zaman Dahulu (Once Upon a Time)

I have to say guys, Les Copaque is setting the animation bar pretty high in Malaysia right now... What I really love are the textures in this story... I hope the storyline is good enough, so that not only kids can enjoy it, but young adult like me as well..