Monday, April 4, 2011

Pixelating Subang

The Pixelotts have invaded Subang.. and I'm lucky enough to be the few that had witnessed it first!

*do enlarge it for a better view since I've wrongly set the size in photoshop, sigh*

The first photo of the day

The seniors that came, Irwan with his other half and Shah Azman

Dangling dazzle-ness 

I dunno which one of y'all took this.. but thanks! *giggles*

Syrrr and Mein


Their latest inventions

Mein was selling her collections of Jean Ure

Last but not least, The Pixelotts all together!

They will surely be at Subang Parade again if I'm not mistaken.. invade their facebook page at Beadxels Pixelotts to find out more...

And for more awesome pictures taken by an awesome friend of mine who is by exception and awesome photographer.. simply go to Ajinda

1 comment:

mein melon said...

thanks for coming, kamil :D i rase i kot yg amek gamba kakak tu.. rasanyala..