Saturday, May 21, 2011

Coming to cinemas near you

And who would've thought that your proposal is not blockbuster material? Every girls' dream of having this kind of marriage proposal?

Just a few questions for you guys to ponder upon... I thought this was charming... the whole time I was watching this video... I kept saying to myself.. "hey, this is what I learn in university..." you know, to make movies and stuff... and this guy did a short movie of his proposal... damn I feel so low right now... 

This video simply shouts to me that, even the simplest ideas can be shown in a humongous scale.. it's like a juxtaposition; Proposal + cinema... 2 different things.. but what you jumble those two.. see what you got.. a freaking movie! Well this is how interpret it *giggles*

you know what... this video just gimme an idea for my next surprise for a friend.. wish me luck *fingers crossed*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Envisioning The Future

The title I got from quoting from GregMelander who is also a desinger, and a fellow tumblr like me..

Microsoft came up with a new video that depicts the user experience in the future.. well since it's from microsoft, you can expect that haters gonna hate.. I'm not gonna point out names *whisper*snobbish Mac users*whisper* hahaha...

What I would really like point out is that the diagram designs in the video are really complex but at the same time simple and elegant..

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The guy with the euphonium

Man I've been wanting to post this... but work got the best of me..

Amir, my youngest sibling joined his school marching band and almost a month ago, they entered a competition held in Putrajaya. I was lucky enough to see him perform with his band... and they came in third place...

Amir with his euphonium..

The Penang Free School marching band

I got to take a picture with brother of the hour :P

I'm damn proud of you bro.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011