Saturday, May 21, 2011

Coming to cinemas near you

And who would've thought that your proposal is not blockbuster material? Every girls' dream of having this kind of marriage proposal?

Just a few questions for you guys to ponder upon... I thought this was charming... the whole time I was watching this video... I kept saying to myself.. "hey, this is what I learn in university..." you know, to make movies and stuff... and this guy did a short movie of his proposal... damn I feel so low right now... 

This video simply shouts to me that, even the simplest ideas can be shown in a humongous scale.. it's like a juxtaposition; Proposal + cinema... 2 different things.. but what you jumble those two.. see what you got.. a freaking movie! Well this is how interpret it *giggles*

you know what... this video just gimme an idea for my next surprise for a friend.. wish me luck *fingers crossed*

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