Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Tale of Les Despereaux review.. so less less less despereaux

It was the holidays... so we figured, what the heck. lets go watch ourselves a movies...

So we went to see The tale of Les Despereaux... the story about a little mouse with gigantic ears who is very brave, courageous and full of shivelry inside of him. Apparently, those qualities are not the kind of qualities that they should have in the film because of what happenned in the past.. I'll let u guys find that one out later..

There's some part of the film that I loved but most of it are sheer disappointment.

I gotta admit... the graphics and the animation are next to perfect.. They did a pretty good job creating the ratworld... the characters are well modelled, the humans especially.. but to me.. the storyline, and plot comes first..

This is a 3d animated film with full of cute characters, surely it's what kids will get attracted to this film. Much to get extited, the story is slow and too complicated and i guarantee you it will bore the younger audience.. even I was half asleep when watching it... one thing that is.. this film tries to show many conflicts but so little time, so it tries to cramp everything in one time..

Furthermore, top voice cast fail to make the film more livelier... Matthew Broderick is the voice of young Despereaux. The moment I heard his voice... my head was filled with lots of whys... as to why this 40+ man is the voice of this child.. Sigourney Weaver almost put me to sleep as she was the narrator.. a narrator should be full of emotions and characters but she did it as if telling a bedtime stories...

What looks like a very high spirited film turned out to be so serious... It lacks the humour and energy to 'colour' the film...

I'm sorry if I'm a bit harshed but I was really hoping it was a great film.

anywho.. dont let me stopping you guys from watching the movie.. go see it for yourself.. maybe you may beg to differ..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

stop motion madness....

i was so boring that i decided to check my bookmarks... then i saw "5o incredible stop motion videos"... it was from smashingmagazine.. i bookmarked it earlier since i didn't have the time to check it out... there's a lot of awesome if not amazing stop motion... but this one attracts me the most!

there's a lot more... just go to this link

and find out yourself!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

No 14, u dribble your way to my heart....

On the 14th or March, I went to watch my team played in the MMU varsity charity futsal. I was supposed to play but I was injured during a friendly match 3 days earlier.. So I just went there to give support! go team go!

anyway... there's also the girls categories... as i was watching them played, a team caught my attention.. or to be exact, a girl caught my attention. It was this girl wearing a no 14 jersey. When I first saw her, I just saw her as a typical petite girl who loves to play futsal.

Well, she wasn't... she was more that that! she can really play.. when i say play, i'm talking about dribbling like Zidane, shoot like Rooney and ball control like ronadhino! i'm serious... ok maybe i'm exagerating... hehe...

what i'm saying that, I'm head over heels over this petite futsal wonder! i mean, what more could u possibly adore; cute, cunning and classy at the same time... I just had to take a picture with her... but the schedule was tight, so i just snapped her pictures...

and finally, i got to take a picture with her.. awwww... I hope to hear more from her... u go no 14!
and owh... i don't know her name... lame right...

I would also like to say thank you to Alia, Nini and Ecah for helping me stalking no 14... hehe

hahaha... not to mention, senyum, lomak and sado...

ok ok... here's the catch of the day for u girls out there... heheh

Friday, March 13, 2009

hiek hiek hiek hiek hiek part 2

before u watch this post... u might wanna watch the previous post (hiek hiek hiek hiek) to get what i'm saying....

now i know why she laughed at the first place.... hahahah... u guys gotta watch this!!!!
the fun starts at 1.30 minute... hiek hiek hiek hiek hiek...

hiek hiek hiek hiek hiek...........

i know i have an annoying laugh sometime.... okay all the time.. but damn! u gotta love this one right here.... she's soooo into Comedy Barn show in US... hahahah.. it must've been very funny.... LOL! LMAO!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watch 'em Watchmen!

Last saturday... a bunch of us went to watch Watchmen.. and they said who's watching them.. hehehe.. ok that was lame..

anyway... a dear friend of mine ask me blog what I think of the movie, (u know who u are, XP)

so this is my humble opinion of the movie..

A very well plotted movie if you ask me... the movie is actually adapted from the 12 series of the most celebrated comic book. So u can imagine how hard it is to mashed the 12 series comic to a 2 and half hour movie. the way that the movie carries the audience to each and every character is simply superb. there never was a time where i felt so lost in the movie as the bits and pieces of the characters fell to places at the right time at right moment.

Watchmen is a very effect-driven movie. I just love the fighting scene; brutal, violent and gore. I kinda think that the promotional posters of the film tend to be misleading. it's not a movie for children for there's also a lot of intimate scenes. i find that very hard to swallow since I was actually looking forward to the violent stuff.

Speaking of vfx wise, it was at its best. It's proven with such work as Rorschach’s iconic shifting mask (TOTALLY ROCKS) and not to mention Dr. Manhattan’s cerulean blue body, complete with genitalia (but was cencored throughout the movie, bummer). 2 thumbs up for the VFX team!

As u all might know, zack snyder, the forever aspiring director of the movie 300, is also the director for this movie, so i got what i expected; a movie that is not to slow and not to fast.

Zack snyder once again proved that his visual sense is very strong. even though it's a movie, he did not lose the comic touch as to display the amazing comic-book stlye which is sure pleasing to the fan of the comic book.

Never the less, there's always a downside to every greatness.. what can i say, nothing's perfect.. heheh

When i saw the trailer, I was expecting a movie pack with action, but it proved me wrong. there weren't a lot of fighting scene but when it came to those parts, they're pack with brutalness. besides that, there're some awkward moments in the film where I find it quite humorous especially an intimate scene between Night Owl and Silk Spectre on Mars.. what the hell... sorry for not thinking abstractly... I just can't find the art in that... u guys have to see it for yourself and find them.. hehe

The idea of the whole pseudo-america is quite intriguing. There this part where Night Owl was arguing with The Comedian.. it goes like this..

The Comedian "we're societies only protection.."

Night Owl "protection from what?!"

The Comedian "from themselves"

The comedian and Night Owl

That part really struck me. From the movie, it shows that mankind are becoming.. well.. less human even we have to be teach a lesson or two when it comes to becoming a human.

All in all... from scale 1-10... i'll give 8/10... for awesome storyline, great casting and superb VFX.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

stereotype and the wrongly accused


definition - a pre-conceptional perception of a race/culture/religion (based on my MLA notes)
example - malays are lazy, blacks are oppressed, blonds are stupids (nothing personal)

cut short to my story.. it was like 3 weeks ago, i was out with syira, bapak and alia for a supper. the place was a restaurant in SK. we all ordered char kuey teow... after alia and syira had finished theirs, they wanted more.. oh god... so they ordered another round of the infamous botak char kuey teow. i was already full thus i didn't ordered. so did bapak.

when the waiter came to us to send the char kuey teows, he didn't hesitate to give it to me and bapak. see how wrongly we have been accused. just because I'm big and fat, he gave the char kuey teow to me.. thinking that i ordered them without even realized the the two slim and slender girls ordered them at the first place! (am i making any sense) hahahah... the whole table laughed hysterically with the present of the confused waiter beside the table. the story of my life... sigh.. lol!

the evidence is there i tell u!

the wrongly accused