Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Tale of Les Despereaux review.. so less less less despereaux

It was the holidays... so we figured, what the heck. lets go watch ourselves a movies...

So we went to see The tale of Les Despereaux... the story about a little mouse with gigantic ears who is very brave, courageous and full of shivelry inside of him. Apparently, those qualities are not the kind of qualities that they should have in the film because of what happenned in the past.. I'll let u guys find that one out later..

There's some part of the film that I loved but most of it are sheer disappointment.

I gotta admit... the graphics and the animation are next to perfect.. They did a pretty good job creating the ratworld... the characters are well modelled, the humans especially.. but to me.. the storyline, and plot comes first..

This is a 3d animated film with full of cute characters, surely it's what kids will get attracted to this film. Much to get extited, the story is slow and too complicated and i guarantee you it will bore the younger audience.. even I was half asleep when watching it... one thing that is.. this film tries to show many conflicts but so little time, so it tries to cramp everything in one time..

Furthermore, top voice cast fail to make the film more livelier... Matthew Broderick is the voice of young Despereaux. The moment I heard his voice... my head was filled with lots of whys... as to why this 40+ man is the voice of this child.. Sigourney Weaver almost put me to sleep as she was the narrator.. a narrator should be full of emotions and characters but she did it as if telling a bedtime stories...

What looks like a very high spirited film turned out to be so serious... It lacks the humour and energy to 'colour' the film...

I'm sorry if I'm a bit harshed but I was really hoping it was a great film.

anywho.. dont let me stopping you guys from watching the movie.. go see it for yourself.. maybe you may beg to differ..

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kau ada bakat jadi pengkritik. bagus2.