Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A fat boy’s promises….

Been so caught up with group discussions, assignments and yah... life... So it's just so hard to update anything... yup, I got a few interesting stuff to post, thank you... hihihi

As you all might now, I'm a very sentimental guy, so being the sentimental guy I am, I clicked my Alpha folder in my PC, there it was; a poem I did during my 3rd trimester in my foundation years as a creative multimedia student...

It was actually an assignment for my English subject... the poem is about how to express your love to someone you dear most... well, basically to woo the girl you like... hahaha....

so here it is...

A fat boy's promises...

Would like to be my boo?
And I shall drown you with Gucci bags and Jimmy Choo's shoes,
Not to mention Reject Shop's Ts and jeans,
And when you jump for joy, I'll Have you the trampoline.

There in the city we shall have our date,
In McD or KFC or even in front of your parent's gate,
I shall charm my way to your dinner plate,
I give you my love and you give me your bread.

Not only materialistic but charming too,
I'll sing to you with my guitar through and through,
Sedulously give you time, space and love,
So you can feel like flying as a white dove.

It's your quixotic charms I'm after,
Would love to YM and see you later,
Hopelessly want to be your mister,
Patch your sorrow like a plaster.

Heart is pounding, don't know what to say,
Just hoping that you won't say neigh,
If all these things pleases you girl,
Then, would u reply my love and rock my world.

The End.

It's lame... I know... i wonder who's that unlucky girl who is gonna get this poem...


ajinda said...

chill weh~ :D


Faiz said...

bear mcm hiphopper siot. so comel