Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday, July 30, 2010

Bar-Bear Shop

last week.. I bought a hair clipper... because there's no point tobek-ing my hair at the salon which is gonna cost me around 10-15 bucks.. I see myself as a barber now.. haha.. look at my very first victim!



See how handsome I've turned him to.. :P

Would you trust this face to cut your hair?? 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beau Carmen

we've been dating for about 2 months now.. She's my La Reina

Saturday, July 24, 2010

RIP dei Machaa..

That's one of my dearest friend.. Prapagaran Loganathan.. we use call him Prapa.. or logam.. haaha.. I just got this sad news.. He's gone.. forever.. sigh.. I'm not gonna tell you how he passed away.. it's just too sad..

omg this is sure a shocker.. for all of us.. well.. this post is a tribute to him.. about Prapa.. well.. he's a pal.. I remember we became best friend during standard 4.. we were like a team.. you, me, Nuril, Avinash and Rajiv.. I remember asking you how to solve mathematic problems.. I remember we talked about the animal food chain during science period.. I remember you sit in front of me during class.. So many memories with you... and now.. I can't even bring them back..

gosh I've been deleting the words I'm typing.. I can't believe you're gone man... I guess you, Avinash, Nuril and Rajiv are very reason why I love english.. I like conversing with you guys.. I have to say you play a very important part in the man I'm becoming.. god I'm so lame...

The last time I saw you.. ahh.. I think it was the SKMH reunion at Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang.. I barely recognize you.. we hugged.. I remember we exchange numbers.. and that was it.. I cant believe I didn't add you in facebook.. for that.. I feel guilty... 

Rest in Peace macha... Prapagaran Loganathan aka Prapa..

The weird thing was... while I heard this news.. the song If I Die Tonight by Too Phat played in my playlist.. :'(
I can't imagine it's so dramatic.. it's so.. permanent...

Here's some pictures I took from his facebook account.. it's the least I could do for you..


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chop Cup.. cop! where's the ball?

I watched it 3 times only can I figured it out; that the cup in the middle is actually a sticker on the desk.. *laughs* how lame can I be.. hahaha...

This amazing optical illusion is made by David Lee.. a DOP short for Director of Photography.. hehe.. for more of his work.. just go to


A knight. A princess. A dragon. Three little kids. One school play. An epic battle for love and honor. Dragonboy is a collaborative thesis done by Lisa Allen, Bernie Warman and Shaofu Zhang at the Academy of Art University.

Dragonboy from Dragon Boy on Vimeo.

Cool short animation... in the midst of creating a good story for FYPs.. I guess this should be inspiring...

here's the-making-of for this wonderful short animation..

Dragonboy Shot Breakdown from Bernie Warman on Vimeo.

For more information.. log on to

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Drop Something WIP and Cuba Lagi

Currently listening to Malique feat Lah Ahmad - Cuba Lagi

Currently working on this...

This is not the final product yet.. I'm taking my time... hehe.. ever since ajwad finished his latest digital painting.. I've dying to do mine! haha.. digital painting FTW!!!

Inception "Dream is a dangerous business"

oh boy this might be a long one guys...

So I watched Inception last night with Mein and Acap... and it was totally AWSM! mind blowing.. mind boggling..

Of all the movie I had watched with the theme dream or memory.. this has yet to be the most exiting.. If we're talking about story-wise.. it's superb... most of the time I was watching.. It made me think.. I seriously love movies that will lead me to think... There were never a slow moment in the plot.. everything just run smooth... the last 1 hour was very chaotic and full of suspense.. but you will never get too bored of lost in the movie.. some movies try to create so much suspense until you get lost.. but no.. Inception was great.. Christopher Nolan to me is an amazing director... after Dark Knight and The Prestige.. Inception really set his bar high in the sky... The way he translate this idea onto the big screen in pure genius! Another thing about this film is that since the theme is "dream", there's no limitation and no logical argument is valid.. all the rules and prohibition are not based on stupid excuses but very reasonable and beliavable.. After the movie.. Acap and I was like thinking how the hell the screenwriting was made.. given that we once took a screenwriting class and I have to tell you.. I'm already spooked with the idea of coming with a good storyline..

Besides that... Leonardo DiCaprio never seems to let me down... Mein and I were on the same page.. that he was born to act... He really had me at the part where his wife killed herself *oops spoiler!*.. his performance was convincing.. as always... But this is just not about Mr DiCaprio.. the line of cast was simply the best that the industry could offer.. Joseph Gordon-Levitt from 500 Days of Summer.. Ellen Page from Juno, Ken Watanabe from The Last Samurai along side Tom Hardy, Tom Berlenger, Cillian Murphy, Marion Cotillard and Michael Caine.. Things can't get any better than this... kudos to the great line of cast.

VFX-wise? top notch I have to say.. I know I'm still learning.. but damn all the scene was cool.. movies like this really define the era of HD and blu ray... of all the vfx loaded scene.. I have to say the part that I like the most is when Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) was fighting the sub-consciences in the hotel hallway that is constantly turning upside down due to the van which was rolling towars the river bank on the 1st level dream.. hahaha.. confuse much?

I told you this was gonna be a long one.. I urge you guys to see the movie!!! I'm going for my 2nd encounter with Inception this week again.. I hope so...

P.S: while you were reading this post.. are you aware that you are actually in a dream..  don't believe me? Do you remember how you got here? hahahaha... after you've seen the movie, then you shall understand what the hell am I talking about.. *laughs*

The perfect ingredient...

For a perfectly delicious burger...

discovered at

alright now I'm hungry...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Junkimus Prime...

schu chu chu chu *transfomer morphing sound*

take a look at this!

Quoted from technabob :

I guess the guys in China felt they had to try and keep up with Japan and their gigantic robot creations, and built themselves an enormous Optimus Prime of their own.

Standing 32-feet tall, and residing just North of the Bird’s Nest at Beijing’s Olympic Park, the giant Transformer might not be as tall as giant Gundam, but you have to hand it to the Chinese for their ingenuity. You see, Optimus Prime was entirely recycled. He was built from 10,108 junk parts.

Since Malaysia is sooo full of junks... and don't know have any creative idea where to dump them all now.. why not recycle it and build a gigantic robot instead... that's one creative way of 'dumping' your junk... am I right or AM I RIGHT... can I get a "hell yeah"? *someone from the back of the crowd suddenly screams "HELL YEAHHH!!!"* I just love amusing myself.. don't you... *laughs*

AUTOBOTS! ROLL OUT! *sounds of engine's ignition*

You. got. a. thing. for. me.

I remember singing this song in my room with Mawi every night...  I think this video is cool! Not that simple editing but seems to look very easy... cool song... and I seriously like how they sometimes used different words to display another different word with a different meaning.. but somehow because we know how it sounds.. we know exactly that different word intended in that particular context.. am I even making sense here... hahaha... of course I am.. it's call a a homonym or homophones in plural... look it up.. heheh... I know am a sucker for grammar and vocab but provenly make stupid simple grammatical mistakes... darn it... 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Turn Ons

I'll go gugu gaga everytime I see a girl playing a guitar or a bass.. it's such a turn on for me.. but the most turn on would be Prisa Adinda..

I mean.. doing a cover of Lamb of God and actually playing really good at it??? aaaa... marry me please.. XD