Friday, July 16, 2010

Junkimus Prime...

schu chu chu chu *transfomer morphing sound*

take a look at this!

Quoted from technabob :

I guess the guys in China felt they had to try and keep up with Japan and their gigantic robot creations, and built themselves an enormous Optimus Prime of their own.

Standing 32-feet tall, and residing just North of the Bird’s Nest at Beijing’s Olympic Park, the giant Transformer might not be as tall as giant Gundam, but you have to hand it to the Chinese for their ingenuity. You see, Optimus Prime was entirely recycled. He was built from 10,108 junk parts.

Since Malaysia is sooo full of junks... and don't know have any creative idea where to dump them all now.. why not recycle it and build a gigantic robot instead... that's one creative way of 'dumping' your junk... am I right or AM I RIGHT... can I get a "hell yeah"? *someone from the back of the crowd suddenly screams "HELL YEAHHH!!!"* I just love amusing myself.. don't you... *laughs*

AUTOBOTS! ROLL OUT! *sounds of engine's ignition*

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