Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hoverboard is here to stay

Do you guys remember the hoverboard from "Back to The Future"... the one that Marty McFly used to escape the gangs during a chase? guess what.. an artist from France just created it... i know.. cool right...

HOVERBOARD - NILS GUADAGNIN from nils guadagnin on Vimeo.

"The Hoverboard is a project made by Nils guadagnin, a young french artist. This work is born in 2008 for an exhibition named "Back To the future".

It is a copy of the hoverboard from the movie Back to the Future II. Integrated into the board and the plinth is an electromagnetic system which levitates the board. A laser system stabilises the object in the air.
In the making of this work, this artist was thinking about different ways of presenting sculpture. In fact it's a reflexion on the multiple possibilities of how to give a sculpture full spatial autonomy."

wouldn't it bee really cool to go to classes with this thing.. hahaha

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Da Opis

Been working for the past a week and half.. I'mma humbly show you guys my so call office... hihi

this is El Tigre.. his big and annoying.. hihi

I know.. he's tired of seeing me everyday.. even on weekend.. sigh..

A few old cameras that are being exhibited

stairways to my office...

The reason why I can't slack off

This is my room! don't be fool by the title.. XD

welcome to my humble abode... *laughs*

alrighty, back to werk! boss gonna storm in any seconds!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Thanks for video call this morning guys... that really made my day.. I had so much fun talking with you guys... I blast the video full screen... it was like as if you guys were really in front of me.. I mean.. I even got to high five Ajwad! muahahaha...

seriously guys.. I totally miss hanging out... wait for me aite.. be back soon..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

PACMAN on google

I thought it was cute... then.. I found out you can actually play it!!! hahaha

more info at

Try it while you can~ :P

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brotherly Love

Waaahh... now only I have the time to blog... while some people are busy having a good time during the sem break.. I'm in Penang working as a freelancer on some project.. sigh.. not the kinda retreat I planned it would be.. what can I say... I need the experience (and a whole lotta money!)

To some of my friends who are already doing their internship, I wish you guys all the best guys... Mine will be starting on the 31st of May.. since we're gonna be away from MMU and from each other.. I seriously hope we can still hang out.. you know.. during the weekends.. *laughs*

Anyway... I got back to Penang last Sunday.. but instead of going straight to Penang, I took a detour to Taiping.. where my sister, Tina is currently studying.. yup she goes to MRSM Taiping... she's bright.. I promised my parents that I would meet them there since I wont be seeing Tina for quite some time.. with SPM coming and all that... so here's some brotherly love from the BraderBear and the rest of the family... :P

General Adnan

Lieutenant Amir

Private Ja try to sneak a punch at Captain Kamaliah

Muah! *LMAO*

P.S : Tina... I want those Popeye's pillow arms back after you finish SPM!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jom Joy Jump

As of today... I'm jumping for joy...  among the many reasons is because I finished my gamma year.. in god's will... All I can hope now is to pass this final trimester so I can continue with my internship... 

Speaking of internship... Alhamdulillah.. Les' Copaque took me in as one of their many interns... how great is that... I mean.. I've been wanting to do my internship there ever since their first ever feature film which was Malaysia's first 3D feature film came out to the cinemas. I hope I will gain tons of knowledge there... This should be a good opportunity to burn my flame of passion in animation once again...

The next thing that I'm jumping for joy is FA nite.. it's a simple get together held by us gamma FA student for the whole majoring. It was held last Thursday... The whole purpose of this event is to screen all the best work from the students from Beta, Gamma and Delta... I'm really happy because once again.. I was the technical guy and I was able to handle my task given by Acip successfully... I mean, sure running up and down MMU is tiring but damn the adrenaline was intoxicating! Once again.. The FA Budak-Budak Nakal manage to pull this one off!

Some of the Budak-Budak Nakal

Last but not least, finally I'm going home.. Penang Island, the pearl of the orient.... I guess it's been about 4 month since I went back to Penang.. I'm just lucky enough to see both of my parents once this semester at KLIA... as for my siblings.. you guys better watch out cuz big brother is coming back! the remote is mine!!! *evil laugh* 

I'm hoping this jumping for joy thing will be on a streak... 

Baby - Caprice feat Ruby Jude

"Selama ini ku mengenali dirimu,
tapi ku tak pasti,
kita berdua yg hanya memahami,
tak mungkin kita akan akan bersama"

I knew Ruby Jude before she was even Ruby Jude.. heheee.. well.. we're not friends neither acquaintance.. She's a friend of a friend.. hahah.. I know she used to do ads.. now she's singing.. all the best Ruby Jude.. :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

KLDW part 2

for part 2.. here's some of the students' work from USM, KBU International College and UITM..

KLDW part 1

I went to Capsquare alongside Ajwad and Nad... for a purpose and one purpose only... KL Design Week 2010 (KLDW 2010).

What can I conclude from my visit.. last year's KLDW was better.. never the less.. I inspired anyway.. and gain a lot more contacts.. as to numerous companies and new friends.. can't really say much bout it.. so I'll let my photography do the talking.. hehee...

Since I took lots of pictures.. this post will be the first of the 3 parts post.. Note to you guys that during the whole event.. I didn't have a speedlight and the lighting was kinda dimmed.. so I would like to apologize in advance if some of the pictures are a little blurry..


Friday, May 7, 2010

Do you have what it takes?

Animated bicycle messengers weave between live-action traffic in Midtown Manhattan, highlighting the peculiar relationship between messengers and the city in which they operate.  taken from JoshuaFrankel

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Showreel for real...

A showreel? Do I even have enough stuff to compile to even make a decent showreel? for real for real??

Showreel 09/10 from kamil hafidz on Vimeo.

Please refrain from laughing.. *giggles*.... alright alright you guys can laugh... hahaha

Monday, May 3, 2010


Can't really sleep... tried to sleep... won't sleep.. :P

So here I am blogging... I got to tell you guys.. I don't have any good materials to blog about... I did went to KL Design Week last Saturday... snap a bunch of pictures... but I left my camera at my friend's house.. -____-....

This post is just a few pictures I took experimenting long exposures playing with the Exit sign in my hostel... My hostel was having some electrical disturbance so I can't really turn on my PC cause the whole block will be pitch black every 5 minutes or so... luckily the only thing lit up was the Exit sign... enjoy my amateurism.. *giggles*