Thursday, May 20, 2010

Brotherly Love

Waaahh... now only I have the time to blog... while some people are busy having a good time during the sem break.. I'm in Penang working as a freelancer on some project.. sigh.. not the kinda retreat I planned it would be.. what can I say... I need the experience (and a whole lotta money!)

To some of my friends who are already doing their internship, I wish you guys all the best guys... Mine will be starting on the 31st of May.. since we're gonna be away from MMU and from each other.. I seriously hope we can still hang out.. you know.. during the weekends.. *laughs*

Anyway... I got back to Penang last Sunday.. but instead of going straight to Penang, I took a detour to Taiping.. where my sister, Tina is currently studying.. yup she goes to MRSM Taiping... she's bright.. I promised my parents that I would meet them there since I wont be seeing Tina for quite some time.. with SPM coming and all that... so here's some brotherly love from the BraderBear and the rest of the family... :P

General Adnan

Lieutenant Amir

Private Ja try to sneak a punch at Captain Kamaliah

Muah! *LMAO*

P.S : Tina... I want those Popeye's pillow arms back after you finish SPM!!!

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