Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drawn into Drawing

When I'm bored.. I wanna hang out... when friends aren't available... I go back to what I used to be good at... DRAWING... I've been slacking in this particular skill for quite sometimes now.. I remember I used to draw characters from Dragon Ball... Until I was creative enough to create my own character and create a comic out of them. I'll try to list out all the comics that I have done..

1) Dragon Ball remake (1999)

2) Battle of Brothers (2000)

5) X-Men remake (2002)

4) The Journey of the Stone Keeper (2003)

5) College Story (2003-2004)

6)Harum Durjana 16 (2004)

*laughs* If only I can find all of them and show it to you guys...

Lets go back when I was in Primary school... whenever school finished, I always hang out in my mom's office... there I will always be by myself... so I took a pencil and a piece of printing paper.. and I started to draw... One day, she took one of my so called artwork and pinned it at the announcement board outside her office... When students came to her room for submission or consultation, they will always complimented at my drawings.. since then, I never stop drawing and paste them outside. They smiled... there was this sense of accomplishment.   

Besides finding pleasure in doing something I'm good at, I actually find myself changing in my comics. From comics filled with action and martial arts to romantic comedy, love, relationship and all that jazz... I can't help it.. hormon menggelegak! hahahahaa.... There was this one time, a teacher caught me drawing my comic. He quickly snatch it and kept it for awhile.. soon.. I saw him reading it... He laughed and he gave it back to me with a smile on his face. Again, I felt that sense of accomplishment. I guess that's what made me drive into Film and Animation. I wanna make people laugh. Unfortunately, sadly... that is what lacks in my work nowadays... sigh..

I have learned a hard lesson... I need to get my passion back in drawing even if I'm doing more 3D work than 2D work.. I have build my foundation again!

Wei! Hoi! Hey!

Bile nak buat trip camni lagi wei! Hoi! Hey! *smile* 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happier Times

haish... can't wait to happier times... just like the image above.. no worries... no trouble.. we can just smile without having any reason.. hahaha... darn you final projects... yes.. there is not only one major final project.. I have 4 major final projects to submit by the end of next week... aiyaiyaiyai.... I'll make sure we all go on a road trip away from this not so futuristic town call Cyberjaya.. *laughs*... so much for being cyber-ish... it's making us all like zombies and cyborgs; emotionless.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wishful Thinking

Been longing for this for as long as I can remember

Meeting the guys hopefully by the end of next week.. wait for me guys before saving mankind! hahaha got the posters from screenrant

Let us pray that I will survive by the end of next week in order to fulfill these wishful thinking of mine! *laughs*

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

70s Nite Performance

English Slot Performance from kamil hafidz on Vimeo.

As you all might know, I was an english slot DJ for Radio MMU (RMMU) when I was in Alpha (foundation) and BETA (1st year)... RMMU held their RMMU Carnival yearly and in this particular video.. the theme was 70s Nite. So the English Slot did a musical which contained 2 hits from the 70s and 1 NSYNC song... I was the big fat nerd with the afro... ENJOY!

Monday, April 19, 2010

VR - Unravel Your Imagination

Unravel Your Imagination from mein melon on Vimeo.

Art Director - Nur Aisyah bt. Adam
Director of Photography and Music - Muhd Ikhwan b. Affandi
Asst. Editor - Kamil Hafidz b. Adnan (myself)
Voice over - Kamil Hafidz b. Adnan (myself)

This is our so call MMU promo for one of 4 FCM majorings, VR (virtual reality). It's created solely for our MPD final project. Sorry for the sucky voice over... we were short of time to ask a more macho man to do the voice over.. but I guess we did good...  

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Lapoq music video...

Disagree - Untitled (MPM Final Project) from kamil hafidz on Vimeo.

Producer - Nordiana bt. Ludin

Director - Kamil Hafidz b. Adnan (myself)

Assistant Director - Wan Nor Maheran bt. Majidin

Executive Producer - Nur Bahiyyah bt. Nurlizan

Director of Photography - Raja Mohd Zakwan Haziq b. Raja Zulkarnain

Editor - Mohd Izzuddin Asyraf b. Ismail
- Kamil Hafidz b. Adnan (myself)

Wardrobe, Props & Makeup - Sri Nur Azni bt. Azran

So this was our very own music video that we have produced for MPM final project during BETA year in MMU... We are the Lapoq Production! The song that we chose for our music video is Untitled by Disagree... I hope they don't mind me posting this music video because my sole intention is to promote my friends and my work as we have to go for internship next trimester... Insyaallah... enjoy the music video... bare in mind that it was my first time being a director and man it is tough... but we had fun.. I know I did... 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's been too long

Just last Wednesday... I had no class... I figured.. why not I go out with my Canon EOS 450D just to polish my photography skills.. hahaha.. my oh my that's so ambitious! One of my friend told me that his class was being repainted by the student themselves.. So I thought why not pay them a visit.. you know how I like to annoy people right.. hehehe.. enjoy my noobness photography...

So that's just about it.. I hope you guys enjoyed my amateur-ness.. hehee 

*man.. gotta improve my skills more!*

Friday, April 16, 2010

Lighter on the other side of the brain

It was like a painter and his canvas... Ajad was the painter... and my head was the canvas...

I kinda let him cut my hair very short on the right side of my head... I wanted to for as long as I can remember... in spite of people saying don't do it.. because lots of people are doing it nowadays.. I have my reason for doing it... you see.. my head is like a metaphor here.. a metaphor of my heart... *here we go again guys*

Let me break it down to ya... I felt that I'm not myself anymore.. I'm not what I used to be.. not the average Kamil... I feel a piece of my heart, a part of myself is gone.. and I don't know where... So by just cutting my hair like this.. it's like saying a part of me is gone.. like the hair that has been cut off..

I told my mom about it.. she went ballistic... hahahaa... figures... right mom?? It's not a joy making you and Ayah mad and frustrated.. but who knows me the best if not the two of you... hehee... I hope you guys aren't that pissed off.. Can I still come home during sem break? *giggles*

"your lipstick stain... on the front lobe of my left side brain" - Train

Ola Oli Kuberi Nama

Do you guys remember, when you were a kid.. there was lots of childhood song that you use to sing with your friends or siblings... for example.. When I was in Utah... there was song like "John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt" or "When the Saints go Marching in" or "She'll be coming round the mountain" or "Sally the Camel" or "London Bridge" or even "Old McDonald had a Farm."

But when I came back to Malaysia, I learned more songs... there's this one song that I just remember... but sadly I forgot the hand gestures... it goes something like this

Ola oli kuberi nama,
Saudara saudari cikebum cikebum,
Malam-malam hari, siang-siang hari disko-disko,
Putih-putih melati Alibaba,
Merah-merah jelita meow-meow,
Siapa yg baik hati Cinderella,
Tentu disayang Emak.

If you guys wanna know it is sung... feel free to ask me.. or even better if you know how the song is sung include with the hand gestures... do teach me! 

What I used to sing back in the days...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Did I catch you by surprise? OMG are you shocked? Bet you didn't see that coming right???

haha.. well.. this week.. no, actually today (Tuesday), I had to prove myself to all my lecturers and my fellow comrades that I am not a victim of the 'B' word... yes people.. I was on the barring list... and I know we shouldn't let people know that we're inadequate.. but hey, I'm only human...

Last week was hell on earth for me... one is because I was emotionally unstable with my whole concept of life, love, friendship, studies... typical Kamil right... another thing was that my name was on the friggin barring list for Gamma FA student... feel free to ask why... I felt so low because it's not because I'm too lazy to work my ass of.. it's because of fate... I felt so weak and the fact that this was actually god's way of testing me.. I was already on my knees begging for it to stop...

At the point of giving up... I remembered what I learned in Syariah Islamiah and Al-Quran Sunnah during my form 5 year... the word JIHAD... just like that, I was determined to prove that I am worthy of something...

When you're in trouble and your family is far away, FRIENDS are very important for morale support... Alhamdulillah for me, Mawi, Bapak, Remy, Haziq, Faiq and Acap was there supporting me.. encouraging me to strive... Not to mention Ally, Alia and Ecah who were there for me virtually... Last but not least, Alan who I can't thank enough as he was the real reason I found hope in myself... I thank you all for giving me the support and love and encouragement... Like I said... my family is far... if I lose you guys.. then I don't have anybody here... you guys might don't know how much I value our friendship...

And as for my parents... ayah and ibu... I love you guys more than life itself... I'm so grateful to god that I got to meet you guys in this chaotic moment even if it's for a short while.. I hugged my mom like I never hugged her before... I kissed my dad's cheek like I never did before... I want to say thank you for believe in me and being so understanding.. I wont let you guys down...

For my lecturers.. Mr Jijoe, Mr Azman and Ms Nadia... words cannot express how much I value your criticism... just now.. hearing Mr Jijoe whisper to Ms Nadia after I was done my presentation "That was a huge improvement"... I felt like a huge boulder has been lifted from me and I could take a moment to breathe as deep as I could... with all your guidance and consultation.. I wont let you guys down... thank you for still believing in me and feel like I have the potential...

For those of you I didn't mentioned your name.. I apologize and I thank you guys also for helping me through this dreadful moment..


Monday, April 12, 2010

Priscilla Ahn - The Boobs Song

Priscilla Ahn - The Boobs Song from The Mighty Fifty on Vimeo.

I found this video at Acip's facebook... When I saw the word 'boobs' it's just caught my attention.. I mean regardless of gender.. who wouldn't right.. hahaha.. not to mention I had a conversation with a dear friend about boobs for about 5 minutes... you know who you are.. :P

Anyway... Priscilla Ahn.. the girl who Acap claims to be his girlfriend.. is a very creative singer/songwriter.. I love her simple yet meaningful lyrics and how she can play the guitar and the harmonica at the same time.. I know a lot musician can do that but when she does it.. she add the cuteness.. 

What I like about the video besides the song are the shots... they're so beautiful... I feel myself more and more attached with making and editing videos nowadays..


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hayya Bil Jihad

It's happening again.. I don't need to elaborate more on it... but I know god's testing me... so I promise to myself, my family, my friends, my lecturers, my enemies and to god that I'm not giving up... I have to prove myself that I'm worthy of my family and my friends' love... my lecturer and my enemies' respect.. this is a battle of self-proving.. this is my JIHAD

taken from quranicstudies

Jihad is simply the process of "exerting the best efforts," involving some form of "struggle" and "resistance," to achieve a particular goal. In other words, jihad is the struggle against, or resistance to, something for the sake of a goal. The meaning of the word is independent of the nature of the invested efforts or the sought goal. 

Contrary to common belief, the word "jihad" does not necessarily imply any violent effort, let alone "war" and such instances of extreme violence. It is a general term that can mean violent as well as peaceful actions, depending on the context in which it is used, as we shall indeed see later. Similarly, "jihad" as a generic word can be used even when the sought goals are not Islamic, i.e. in non-religious contexts.

By the words of Tun Dr Mahathir "perjuangan masih belum selesai" I will not stop my JIHAD... it's not over until I say it's over... that's my promise.. insyaallah...  

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm feeling so down down down right now.. not the Jay Sean kinda down.. unfortunately... I'm down like sad down you know what I'm saying... luckily.. I found a couple of things that I find cheerful enough to carve a smile on my face.. in the words of The Joker "lets put a smile on that face!" :)

my tumblr page... I found this!

hahahhaha.. I wonder who's that fanatic.. I bet it's a she!

Then I found this...

it's been there since the 2nd trimester.. who says there can't be girls in boys' hostel huh... XD

Right now.. I'm still confuse with what I'm feeling... the least I can do is try to smile...