Friday, April 16, 2010

Lighter on the other side of the brain

It was like a painter and his canvas... Ajad was the painter... and my head was the canvas...

I kinda let him cut my hair very short on the right side of my head... I wanted to for as long as I can remember... in spite of people saying don't do it.. because lots of people are doing it nowadays.. I have my reason for doing it... you see.. my head is like a metaphor here.. a metaphor of my heart... *here we go again guys*

Let me break it down to ya... I felt that I'm not myself anymore.. I'm not what I used to be.. not the average Kamil... I feel a piece of my heart, a part of myself is gone.. and I don't know where... So by just cutting my hair like this.. it's like saying a part of me is gone.. like the hair that has been cut off..

I told my mom about it.. she went ballistic... hahahaa... figures... right mom?? It's not a joy making you and Ayah mad and frustrated.. but who knows me the best if not the two of you... hehee... I hope you guys aren't that pissed off.. Can I still come home during sem break? *giggles*

"your lipstick stain... on the front lobe of my left side brain" - Train

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