Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8-Bit Trip by Rymdreglage

I found this video from clicking one of my friend's YM status...

I love stop motion and this is gotta be one of the coolest stop motion video I've even seen yet... using LEGOs and combining the stop motion with a chiptune music and awesome 80's style video game editing... The duo really amazes me...

Cant wait til to create my own stop motion madness...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hear my silent cry...

Ibu, ayah.... I really need you guys right now...
please be understanding like you guys always are...
I can't handle what I'm facing right now...
only God knows what I'm feeling...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Embracing Ramadhan

I would like express my gratefulness towards the Al-Mighty that once again, I'm able to fast in my 20 years of my life during Ramadhan. Hopefully it would be a life changing experince this year... a good change that is.. insyaallah

during this month, besides doubling our amal and increasing our iman, we don't exactly escape from doing 'duniawi' stuff like shopping for eid, cleaning up the house.. so on and so forth.. apparently..

This is my room.. hehe.. yup.. outside

this living room will be full with cousins once again

the porch will be full with cars if not, cooking utensils.

this is what I do best during ramadhan in Lenggeng.

so does my dad..

uuuuu~ look at the rendang boiling!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Same Style Different Era

After listening to Zee Avi's kantoi... It kinda reminded me of a P. Ramlee song titled "Dengar ini Cerita".... It has the same mang-lish touch... One used to be star in the Malaya and the other one is a rising star in Malaysia... but they have one thing in common.. they make me smile~

P. Ramlee - Dengar ini cerita

Zee Avi - Kantoi

Monday, August 17, 2009

All the work for nothing

guess what... I can say that I finished my 3d model of my character.. yah I had remodeled it.. for the 3rd time... otherwise I'll have trouble rigging and animating it..

work til 5.30 am and I got so dizzy.. while waiting for my 3d to be rendered... I set my alarm to 6 am and I laid on my bed for awhile..

When I got up, I saw my roommate up and working with his assignments at his PC.. here's the catch... It was bright as hell! it was 9.44 am.. I quickly transfered my image sequence to after effects...

As soon as I got to my class.. the presentation has begun.. waiting patiently for my name to be called... but my name never came out...

suddenly one of my lecturers said "this is it for today's crit session, those who we didn't called because you guys are late, so no marks will be given... but if still wanna show your work, you can..."

I know that what I was gonna show was suppose to be shown 2 weeks ago.. but they said I had to remodeled my character... therefore I dont have the time to do the rigging...

anyway, after class.. I did show my work and they were pleased... still.. I need to rig my character as soon as possible because I hate of losing marks....

so this is it guys.. a newer version of the character

Zee Avi

The talented Zee Avi aka Kokokaina.... she's been around the music scene for quite some time now... this is yet the cutest song I've been hearing lately.. hehe.. enjoy

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Poem of Lost Hopes

Kamil has once again come up with yet another lame poem...

I was just checking my documents in my PC and and I found a poem I wrote not long ago.. I like simple poetry that rhymes... It's one of my joy in life rhyming things up...

so here it is...

Why I like U?

why I like u, u asked?
So here it is, I shall bask

I like your smiles,
U make my life bright,
The sun can take it's light,
And I can still go for miles.

I like the way you laugh,
Whether at my jokes, or the way I behave,
I try so hard for it is tough,
But i'm just a humble god's slave.

I like that you are smart,
Making decisions can be very hard,
From my eyes I could see,
U never fail to impress me.

With you it's always fun,
It's just so hard to be dull,
Crazy car rides and water guns,
Or just window shopping at the mall.

I like the way you sing,
U never know how much the joy it brings,
Hot and cold or teardrops on my guitar,
To me, you're already a star.

I like it when you're mad,
It gives me the chance to make it up,
Although i failed miserably bad,
I'm not the one to patch u up.

Hard to say but I like when u cry,
It shows that you're sensitive and pure,
Say by day goes by,
I'm still not your cure.

Why I like u, u asked,
So here it is, I had basked.

the person in the picture has nothing to do with it... I figured it's a nice picture.. by the way.. it's nini in the picture there.. hehe

Gain a high fever and something more...

Some of u might know, I fell sick again... I'm getting sick of getting sick... urrgh~

My parents urged me to get back to Penang to do a checkup.. whether I got the H1N1 or not... so I went back to Penang on Monday... on Tuesday, I went to the clinic and I'm cleared of H1N1.. yipeee~ Dr Akhbar said I got high fever again because of infections..

before I got back to Penang, I went to visit my good Uncle Cheah who is a computer supplier for USM and a good friend of my father. I want to upgrade my PC...
I added a 500GB hard disk,
upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 6GB,
bought a Maxtor 1TB External Harddisk.

So now I'm ready to do my work once more... come on Kamil! the crowd is cheering!

I thought of going back to Cyberjaya on Wednesday since my sickness is not at all that serious.. knowing that my parents can't get enough of me yet *gigles*.. they decided to send me back.. now isn't that nice... hehe.. I was so glad because I didn't get to spend time with them that much for the 1 day visit back to penang... and my sibling were so ever happy they get to skip 2 days of school.. pff.. kids this day.. I would kill to spend time with friends at school.. just talking and sharing.. haha.. not to learn..

so here I am in Cyberjaya during the midterm break so I can do some work... I'm hoping of going back to Penang for the weekends during Ramadhan.. I'll be back!

taken from Ain's FB

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

one word says it all; Betrayal

have u ever felt like there's very sharp knife driven to your back... I did...

let say, I'll lend my car to a friend, as a token of gratitude for sending me to the airport. The reason I let him used my car is because I know he had to go somewhere around Cyberjaya, assignment purposes. Then when I text him to tell him that I'm almost in Cyberjaya, surely I would like to see him with my car here right...

To my dismay, he went to Alamanda for lunch... I mean... why did u have to travel almost 20km just to have lunch?? don't give me crappy excuses like "uhh.. I need to drop someone in putra, so I figured, alamanda in near" or "we all decided to eat at Alamanda", because I don't even give a damn shit... If I'm not mistaken, you were only going somewhere IN cyberjaya, so, basically having lunch here wouldn't be a problem at all...

I text him when I was in Sg Buloh telling him that I'll be having my lunch there.. he said that he already finished shooting and was gonna have lunch... when I got to Cyberjaya, he's still in Alamanda stuffing himself... I just can't put to logic that u take more than an hour just to eat.. I was in Sg Buloh and still got here in 1 hour plus I had my lunch there...

so... please don't take advantage of your friend who is oh so kind to even let you drive his car... I know I'm stingy, but everything happens for a reason.

It's not about the car or the money.. the worst thing is... my father left me with a frown... U don't know how hurt I'm now...

PS: U didn't even had a 10 minutes lecture from my parents so bother to say you had it rough...