Thursday, August 6, 2009

Poem of Lost Hopes

Kamil has once again come up with yet another lame poem...

I was just checking my documents in my PC and and I found a poem I wrote not long ago.. I like simple poetry that rhymes... It's one of my joy in life rhyming things up...

so here it is...

Why I like U?

why I like u, u asked?
So here it is, I shall bask

I like your smiles,
U make my life bright,
The sun can take it's light,
And I can still go for miles.

I like the way you laugh,
Whether at my jokes, or the way I behave,
I try so hard for it is tough,
But i'm just a humble god's slave.

I like that you are smart,
Making decisions can be very hard,
From my eyes I could see,
U never fail to impress me.

With you it's always fun,
It's just so hard to be dull,
Crazy car rides and water guns,
Or just window shopping at the mall.

I like the way you sing,
U never know how much the joy it brings,
Hot and cold or teardrops on my guitar,
To me, you're already a star.

I like it when you're mad,
It gives me the chance to make it up,
Although i failed miserably bad,
I'm not the one to patch u up.

Hard to say but I like when u cry,
It shows that you're sensitive and pure,
Say by day goes by,
I'm still not your cure.

Why I like u, u asked,
So here it is, I had basked.

the person in the picture has nothing to do with it... I figured it's a nice picture.. by the way.. it's nini in the picture there.. hehe


Ally Hassan said...
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Ally Hassan said...

honestly kamil, a guy who write a poem can make a girl's heart melt. *xkesah la kuno ke ape ke.. ally suka jugak! :D*

sronok ah sape2 jadi gf kamil, kalau nak pujuk2 ke, tulis sajak. lagi best kalau kamil petik gitar dan nyanyikan sajak tu. omg dramatik aww! :">

ally hassan like this!

Faiz said...

dudeee i dont even lepak with you all that much and i dont know you so well
but reading this poem i can pretty much tell, to whom this poem was meant to be....ASDADIOAJD
aku suck rhyming2. tp mcm tauuu je ntuk sape wink wink kamil xoxoxoxo

ilif said...

i 2nd pe ally ckp T_T guy yg tulis poem mmg best sbb sgttt la sweet. n poem u sgt cute :D