Monday, August 24, 2009

Embracing Ramadhan

I would like express my gratefulness towards the Al-Mighty that once again, I'm able to fast in my 20 years of my life during Ramadhan. Hopefully it would be a life changing experince this year... a good change that is.. insyaallah

during this month, besides doubling our amal and increasing our iman, we don't exactly escape from doing 'duniawi' stuff like shopping for eid, cleaning up the house.. so on and so forth.. apparently..

This is my room.. hehe.. yup.. outside

this living room will be full with cousins once again

the porch will be full with cars if not, cooking utensils.

this is what I do best during ramadhan in Lenggeng.

so does my dad..

uuuuu~ look at the rendang boiling!

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