Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gain a high fever and something more...

Some of u might know, I fell sick again... I'm getting sick of getting sick... urrgh~

My parents urged me to get back to Penang to do a checkup.. whether I got the H1N1 or not... so I went back to Penang on Monday... on Tuesday, I went to the clinic and I'm cleared of H1N1.. yipeee~ Dr Akhbar said I got high fever again because of infections..

before I got back to Penang, I went to visit my good Uncle Cheah who is a computer supplier for USM and a good friend of my father. I want to upgrade my PC...
I added a 500GB hard disk,
upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 6GB,
bought a Maxtor 1TB External Harddisk.

So now I'm ready to do my work once more... come on Kamil! the crowd is cheering!

I thought of going back to Cyberjaya on Wednesday since my sickness is not at all that serious.. knowing that my parents can't get enough of me yet *gigles*.. they decided to send me back.. now isn't that nice... hehe.. I was so glad because I didn't get to spend time with them that much for the 1 day visit back to penang... and my sibling were so ever happy they get to skip 2 days of school.. pff.. kids this day.. I would kill to spend time with friends at school.. just talking and sharing.. haha.. not to learn..

so here I am in Cyberjaya during the midterm break so I can do some work... I'm hoping of going back to Penang for the weekends during Ramadhan.. I'll be back!

taken from Ain's FB

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