Friday, January 30, 2009

A Visit to SMKA Al-Mashoor (L)

During the holidays... got nothing to do.. so i went to my old school to see what's happening there...

same ol' same ms wahidah... she use to teach me science...

this use to be my class.. 5 Thoriq.. consist of 14 handsome boys.. heheh

Mrs. Suhaini who taught me Bahasa Malaysia and IT

this is the hostel

this is the musolla aka surau.. they already named it..

i'll make sure i'll visit there again... hehehe...

Al mashoor madrasatuna... al a'rabiah, loqhatuna...
an'najahu hadhafuna wa'ana funa...

the not-so latest updates.. huhuu

some of the pictures i took at Dataran Pahlawan... i know i should've post this ages ago.. but my internet at my home was being totally gay...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

the science of the Aliens (pictures)

salute... alien style

haziq trying one of the interactive stuff

we come in peace


more DM stuff


we sent a message to the galaxy... ET not.. phone home, ET MMS je...

u can even hear sounds made from the sun!

is anybody there??