Saturday, August 28, 2010

A 20th Birthday, A Dear Friend, A Poem

Happy 20th birthday dear Mein
Crazy girl with a smile so mean
Awesome ideas for such a petite teen
Makes everyone ever so keen.

Being you is what you do best 
Crazy ideas with awesome outcomes
Remember the oversized bird nest?
How the heck you figured that, I feel so geram. 

I dunno what to give you and this is lame
It's the only thing I think i'm good at
Making kiddy poem and make fun of your name
Just go ahead hit me I'll hand you the bat.

My poem is silly, my rhyme is whack
But i have a little advise you have to digest
Always to remember to set your life on track
So that whatever you do, you'll be the best

Working with you was always fun
It's like playing with a brand new watergun
You'll never know what's coming next
A spray of creativeness or a squirt of awsm-ness to the max.

I know I'm not your best friend that I used to claim
But you're not the one to blame
Losing you as a friend sure is a shame
Why not start all over a whole new game

Do keep this poem as a souvenier or somesort
Read it if u ever feel bored
I hope it can make you smile or even a lil grin
So that on your next birthday present, I'll give you a hint.


I wanted to give this poem for her last year's birthday... but I didn't get to finish it in time.. -__-" therefore I made a few adjustment to it.. hihihi~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Retro Analogue Casing for Modern Digital Communicating

Quoted From ThumbsUp!:
The fantastic silicon cover is designed to look exactly like an old audio cassette, complete with its own case. But instead of making a mix tape of all your favourite, back in the day tunes, this cassette gives complete protection to your iPhone (which probably already contains all your favourite back in the day tunes). 

Not compatible for the IPhone 4G... suck on that! *evil laughs*

Can I have this for Eid... *just pondering*

Sweeeeeeet Disspoooooositioooonnnn

The new official MV... 

Simply beautiful.. I was merely in a state where I could cry.. seriously... all the emotions I could possibly have collided... 

god I'm getting more and more accentric/sentimental/sensitive than ever!

Hair Fix

Got my hair ‘fix’ once again… only this time the 'fixed' part is a bit higher to the middle... it feels good when one side of the head is lighter.. :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Camera Match

*click the image to enlarge*

Still having problems with texturing *Mr Jijoe is gonna kill me*... I'm glad the camera matching is almost perfect... the images above are just a few composition test.. note that I haven't test out the lighting yet..

Things to finalize:
1) Texturing.. creating the UV layout is such a #$%^*!
2) Set up the lighting that best represent the photo
3) Modelling... If I have the time and inspiration.. I'll add more detail... no 1 and 2 is top priority!

Ganbatte Kamil-chan! *self motivation is a must.. hehe*

It's a work in progress~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yo side of the bed

I've been watching this video for 3 days straight... everytime I watch this freaking video.. I just crack up with high pitch laughter and you guys know that when I laughed with such high pitch... that thing gotta be funny as hell.. *laughs*

I guess why this video is freaking funny is cuz this dude is so cool! Even when he realized he was being recorded.. he continued anyway just to humour his friends I guess... I wish I could be cool like him... sadly.. I'm used to being the guy who records stuff like this

For the record.. this guys actually doesn't sound like Trey Songz at all! hahaha... But I like his version of "Yo side of the bed" than Trey's... 

among the random things the said in the song:

"I'm so hungy I WOOAAHHH"

"Which one y'all want tuna salad yeah..."

"I forgot my password on Facebook"

"Oh we're making love.. I knew it goin be loud"

"Which one y'all is goin home with Phil or Steve"

and my personal favourite:

"You peed on your side.. my side real dry.." *laughs frantically"

I've seen this kinda reaction many times... because I like to record my friends too... infact.. I'm gonna upload them real soon... hehehe... don't you just love hanging out with me... *giggles*

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3 Budak Sengal during MMU Live Painting

From a previous post like weeks ago.. I mentioned earlier that my so call art group, 3 Budak Sengal (3 Silly Kids) joined the MMU Live Painting..

We took 3 boards from the rest of the bunch...

Maya's Go Green concept

Haziq's Complicated Earth

My Recycle Bear

The creators with the creations

We're kinda proud of ourselves considering we have little time to do ours... moreover the scorching hot sun was really burning us down... besides that.. we have very limited sources... We also like to thank friends that dropped by to watch us tanned our skin and even helped us with the painting... we know some of you are currently doing your internship... we are eternally grateful! hahaha..

Nad (far left) and Bapak (middle) were among the few that came and supported us

Remy who helped us with the painting and logistics.. *laughs*

and lastly Capix, who was our personal photographer...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wireframes and Greyshades

3D robot modelling from kamil hafidz on Vimeo.

Update of my current work.. Mr Jijoe said that my models were not detail yet... but he said design-wise it's ok.. phew... certainly this is not finished yet.. I've yet to texture them...   

Also I would like to wish all the Muslims out there happy fasting as we welcome the month of Ramadhan once again... 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Flower Warfare

If this is the case.. then in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestin would be covered with flowers by now.. it's gonna be spring all the time... 

At the end of the video.. there's the DOUBLE RAINBOW.. *lmao* what?? never heard of the infamous double rainbow?? It's only like the most phenomenal thing EVER!! It's the craze of fellow Tumblr and Youtubers!

Double Rainbow all the way FTW!! hahahaha

Never the less.. Freddie Wong is pretty good with his After Effects skills... you should really see his previous videos... 

Don't be a "Buttershoes" aite...

"I'm depressed from now" *laughs*

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's tough making friends when you're an OXYGEN

Christopher Hendryx Produced this bubbly animation as his thesis for the Department of Computer Animation at the Ringling College of Art and Design. What I like about this animation is the simplicity of it. I like how he created the story using the elements from the periodic table as characters. Genius! All the characters are actually attending an element-ary school.. hahaha

So while enjoying this animation, you can actually learn the basic reaction of the oxygen when mix with other elements. Gotta love chemistry.. I know I did during my secondary school...  Coolio~

For more of his work, you guys can watch it at partcileart He uses Maya, Shake, Realflow and Renderman.. A lot!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who'd argue?

If you surely know that you are happy just by the way you live your life... the who'd argue...

If you feel like you don't have to change anything in your life and just let it be.. then who'd argue...

If you sincerely think that nothing can be more perfect than your imperfect world.. then who'd argue...

If you honestly believe that you have tried your best to make yourself happy.. then who'd argue...

As for me.. this is not the life... and I would argue that there is so much out there that I need to accomplished.. all the littlest thing... so that not just other people.. but myself personally wouldn't argue about a single thing about it.. 

Well this is Two Door Cinema Club and their song are so full of experiences that people like my age are currently experiencing.. I like this song so much as it asked me whether if my life now is the life I'm hoping for or not.. well at least that's how I interpret this wonderful song.. enjoy...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WIP Spider Robot

This is a WIP of my light robot... Finished model.. I haven't figure out the texturing part yet... The medium and heavy robots are also working in progress..

Later when I have finish modeling and texturing them.. I'd be happy to tell their back story.. hahaha.... like you guys are interested.. hihihi

It's a work in progress~

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Live Pain-ting

Yesterday, I joined the MMU Live Painting.. it's an event held by the Convofest for the convocation that's happening this weekend... this event it going to be on the Malaysia Book of Records for the longest live painting ever! *pause for dramatic effect* muahahahahah!

You guys probably don't know this, I love this sort of artsy stuff like painting murals and what not.. hehe.. 

Today is Sunday, and my group have to finish painting our murals since it's the last day... if the outcome is great.. I might just post it here.. or not.. hehe... pray for our success aite!