Sunday, August 1, 2010

Live Pain-ting

Yesterday, I joined the MMU Live Painting.. it's an event held by the Convofest for the convocation that's happening this weekend... this event it going to be on the Malaysia Book of Records for the longest live painting ever! *pause for dramatic effect* muahahahahah!

You guys probably don't know this, I love this sort of artsy stuff like painting murals and what not.. hehe.. 

Today is Sunday, and my group have to finish painting our murals since it's the last day... if the outcome is great.. I might just post it here.. or not.. hehe... pray for our success aite! 


mein melon said...

siap pakai sunglasses! style laaa~

kim said...

this is fun!

Brader Bear said...

kinda fun.. wait til u see the sunburn marks.. hahaha