Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3 Budak Sengal during MMU Live Painting

From a previous post like weeks ago.. I mentioned earlier that my so call art group, 3 Budak Sengal (3 Silly Kids) joined the MMU Live Painting..

We took 3 boards from the rest of the bunch...

Maya's Go Green concept

Haziq's Complicated Earth

My Recycle Bear

The creators with the creations

We're kinda proud of ourselves considering we have little time to do ours... moreover the scorching hot sun was really burning us down... besides that.. we have very limited sources... We also like to thank friends that dropped by to watch us tanned our skin and even helped us with the painting... we know some of you are currently doing your internship... we are eternally grateful! hahaha..

Nad (far left) and Bapak (middle) were among the few that came and supported us

Remy who helped us with the painting and logistics.. *laughs*

and lastly Capix, who was our personal photographer...

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