Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yo side of the bed

I've been watching this video for 3 days straight... everytime I watch this freaking video.. I just crack up with high pitch laughter and you guys know that when I laughed with such high pitch... that thing gotta be funny as hell.. *laughs*

I guess why this video is freaking funny is cuz this dude is so cool! Even when he realized he was being recorded.. he continued anyway just to humour his friends I guess... I wish I could be cool like him... sadly.. I'm used to being the guy who records stuff like this

For the record.. this guys actually doesn't sound like Trey Songz at all! hahaha... But I like his version of "Yo side of the bed" than Trey's... 

among the random things the said in the song:

"I'm so hungy I WOOAAHHH"

"Which one y'all want tuna salad yeah..."

"I forgot my password on Facebook"

"Oh we're making love.. I knew it goin be loud"

"Which one y'all is goin home with Phil or Steve"

and my personal favourite:

"You peed on your side.. my side real dry.." *laughs frantically"

I've seen this kinda reaction many times... because I like to record my friends too... infact.. I'm gonna upload them real soon... hehehe... don't you just love hanging out with me... *giggles*

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