Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Camera Match

*click the image to enlarge*

Still having problems with texturing *Mr Jijoe is gonna kill me*... I'm glad the camera matching is almost perfect... the images above are just a few composition test.. note that I haven't test out the lighting yet..

Things to finalize:
1) Texturing.. creating the UV layout is such a #$%^*!
2) Set up the lighting that best represent the photo
3) Modelling... If I have the time and inspiration.. I'll add more detail... no 1 and 2 is top priority!

Ganbatte Kamil-chan! *self motivation is a must.. hehe*

It's a work in progress~


AFY.VFX said...

pergh...camera matching sial.
convert dari ca ke vfx ke?

Brader Bear said...

a'ah... nak try nasib kat stream ni lak.. heheh