Saturday, August 28, 2010

A 20th Birthday, A Dear Friend, A Poem

Happy 20th birthday dear Mein
Crazy girl with a smile so mean
Awesome ideas for such a petite teen
Makes everyone ever so keen.

Being you is what you do best 
Crazy ideas with awesome outcomes
Remember the oversized bird nest?
How the heck you figured that, I feel so geram. 

I dunno what to give you and this is lame
It's the only thing I think i'm good at
Making kiddy poem and make fun of your name
Just go ahead hit me I'll hand you the bat.

My poem is silly, my rhyme is whack
But i have a little advise you have to digest
Always to remember to set your life on track
So that whatever you do, you'll be the best

Working with you was always fun
It's like playing with a brand new watergun
You'll never know what's coming next
A spray of creativeness or a squirt of awsm-ness to the max.

I know I'm not your best friend that I used to claim
But you're not the one to blame
Losing you as a friend sure is a shame
Why not start all over a whole new game

Do keep this poem as a souvenier or somesort
Read it if u ever feel bored
I hope it can make you smile or even a lil grin
So that on your next birthday present, I'll give you a hint.


I wanted to give this poem for her last year's birthday... but I didn't get to finish it in time.. -__-" therefore I made a few adjustment to it.. hihihi~

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