Friday, April 16, 2010

Ola Oli Kuberi Nama

Do you guys remember, when you were a kid.. there was lots of childhood song that you use to sing with your friends or siblings... for example.. When I was in Utah... there was song like "John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt" or "When the Saints go Marching in" or "She'll be coming round the mountain" or "Sally the Camel" or "London Bridge" or even "Old McDonald had a Farm."

But when I came back to Malaysia, I learned more songs... there's this one song that I just remember... but sadly I forgot the hand gestures... it goes something like this

Ola oli kuberi nama,
Saudara saudari cikebum cikebum,
Malam-malam hari, siang-siang hari disko-disko,
Putih-putih melati Alibaba,
Merah-merah jelita meow-meow,
Siapa yg baik hati Cinderella,
Tentu disayang Emak.

If you guys wanna know it is sung... feel free to ask me.. or even better if you know how the song is sung include with the hand gestures... do teach me! 

What I used to sing back in the days...

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