Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Lapoq music video...

Disagree - Untitled (MPM Final Project) from kamil hafidz on Vimeo.

Producer - Nordiana bt. Ludin

Director - Kamil Hafidz b. Adnan (myself)

Assistant Director - Wan Nor Maheran bt. Majidin

Executive Producer - Nur Bahiyyah bt. Nurlizan

Director of Photography - Raja Mohd Zakwan Haziq b. Raja Zulkarnain

Editor - Mohd Izzuddin Asyraf b. Ismail
- Kamil Hafidz b. Adnan (myself)

Wardrobe, Props & Makeup - Sri Nur Azni bt. Azran

So this was our very own music video that we have produced for MPM final project during BETA year in MMU... We are the Lapoq Production! The song that we chose for our music video is Untitled by Disagree... I hope they don't mind me posting this music video because my sole intention is to promote my friends and my work as we have to go for internship next trimester... Insyaallah... enjoy the music video... bare in mind that it was my first time being a director and man it is tough... but we had fun.. I know I did... 

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