Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drawn into Drawing

When I'm bored.. I wanna hang out... when friends aren't available... I go back to what I used to be good at... DRAWING... I've been slacking in this particular skill for quite sometimes now.. I remember I used to draw characters from Dragon Ball... Until I was creative enough to create my own character and create a comic out of them. I'll try to list out all the comics that I have done..

1) Dragon Ball remake (1999)

2) Battle of Brothers (2000)

5) X-Men remake (2002)

4) The Journey of the Stone Keeper (2003)

5) College Story (2003-2004)

6)Harum Durjana 16 (2004)

*laughs* If only I can find all of them and show it to you guys...

Lets go back when I was in Primary school... whenever school finished, I always hang out in my mom's office... there I will always be by myself... so I took a pencil and a piece of printing paper.. and I started to draw... One day, she took one of my so called artwork and pinned it at the announcement board outside her office... When students came to her room for submission or consultation, they will always complimented at my drawings.. since then, I never stop drawing and paste them outside. They smiled... there was this sense of accomplishment.   

Besides finding pleasure in doing something I'm good at, I actually find myself changing in my comics. From comics filled with action and martial arts to romantic comedy, love, relationship and all that jazz... I can't help it.. hormon menggelegak! hahahahaa.... There was this one time, a teacher caught me drawing my comic. He quickly snatch it and kept it for awhile.. soon.. I saw him reading it... He laughed and he gave it back to me with a smile on his face. Again, I felt that sense of accomplishment. I guess that's what made me drive into Film and Animation. I wanna make people laugh. Unfortunately, sadly... that is what lacks in my work nowadays... sigh..

I have learned a hard lesson... I need to get my passion back in drawing even if I'm doing more 3D work than 2D work.. I have build my foundation again!

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