Monday, May 10, 2010

KLDW part 1

I went to Capsquare alongside Ajwad and Nad... for a purpose and one purpose only... KL Design Week 2010 (KLDW 2010).

What can I conclude from my visit.. last year's KLDW was better.. never the less.. I inspired anyway.. and gain a lot more contacts.. as to numerous companies and new friends.. can't really say much bout it.. so I'll let my photography do the talking.. hehee...

Since I took lots of pictures.. this post will be the first of the 3 parts post.. Note to you guys that during the whole event.. I didn't have a speedlight and the lighting was kinda dimmed.. so I would like to apologize in advance if some of the pictures are a little blurry..


Fariz of Motiofixo setting up their visual installation art

One of many Art Tech of 84cube's artwork

Ajwad and I helped placing a banner on a pillar

Our work for KLDW! hahahaha

Subway; it's what bonds us.. XD

Nad in front of Cut Out covers

Creating art with melted sugar...


Dangling designs

Cool doodling

Miniature models

The 3 of us barely fit the frame.. sorry guys -___-

Shah Painface with a Cut Out issue that featured him.. mastah!

Colourful treat! nyum nyum...

Love the concept!!! 

Part 2 is in the process...

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