Friday, January 21, 2011

Furry Kiss

What Does It Feel Like To Kiss A Moustache? from Angeline Gragasin on Vimeo.

Do you girls ever think about kissing a man with a moustache? Well, Angeline Gragasin tried to imagine that.. hahah

Angeline Gragasin did this video of 3 to creatively help raising funds and create awareness for the prostate cancer campaign, "Movember"... during the month long campaign, it encourage people to grow a moustache in one month time..

I thought this video is creative and funny as she relates all those stuff (toothbrush, brush, etc.)  to symbolize the moustache... I urge you to watch all the 3 videos she made for this wonderful campaign... 

Well dear Ms. Angeline, pucker up cause I ain't shaving mine! hahahahahaha... psychotic much! 

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