Thursday, February 5, 2009


1. Who is haziq's best friend?

uuh.. me? i hope so

2. Who is acap's best friend?

uuh.. nazira? hehe.. i think so..

3. Describe mein in five words.

creative.. stubborn.. cute.. kind.. blur

4. What if you found out that syira was secretly an alien plotting to take over the world together with ecah?

lmao! i'll join forces with them and together.. the three of us shall do the clown dance to take over the world

5. Who does nini like?

owh... so ohsem = awesome... hehehe... she's one of the nicest person i've met..

6. Would you marry mawi?

hell no!!! not even if i'm reincarnated as a desperate woman searching for a man!... hahahaha

7. Do you love ecah?

hurm... we're just friends... kamil is kamil.. kan ecah kan kan... hehehe

8. Do you think alia is a virgin?

absolutely, positively, definitely, generally, basically, technically she's a virgin...

9. Who does ajwad like?

ajwad is a quiet person who has the professional skills to use the tablet to create awesome illustrations!

10. What would you do without bapak?

hahaha... i would be lonely during the weekends because it's only been the 2 of us every other weekend.. hihihi

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