Friday, July 31, 2009

Can I get your number?

finally! I can rest my chemistry.... but not for long... It's finally midterm break... but I'm not going back to Penang... I'll be staying at the hostel.. tons of work still needed to be done... but I wanna laiy back and relax this weekend and spend some times with my peeps... maybe a trip to my kampung which is just a 1 hour drive from Cyberjaya...

Anyway... you know how hard it is for guys to get a girl's number... I mean.. first, we have to plan how to start a conversation, then slowly by the end of the conversation, ask for her number of course... but there's no guidebook in getting a girl's phone number... men fail miserably all the time.. sometimes it's a win-win-scenario.

after wathing this video, you might get a slight idea of what I mean...

~so I was wondering.... uhh... can I have your number? can I have it? will you give it to me?

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