Friday, July 10, 2009

20 years old and still going...

10th of July... it's that time of year again where flour tossed at me is allowed...

yup it's my birthday.. hahaha... I'm 20 years old now... since I'm far far away from my family, my friends decided to celebrate my birthday.. Like last year, the venue was KFC Seri Kembangan.. after awhile.. I remembered, this is where I celebrated my birthday last year.. coincidence? I think not! XD... anyway, I had a blast this year because I didn't realize they were plotting to toss flour at me.. Have to spy on them more.. heheh...

and not to forget Diela, Epa, Dayah and Dody who sang to me through the phone..

pictures will be uploaded on the next post, I just wanna thank all of u guys who wished me... It meant a lot to me knowing that I have friends here in MMU...

Wishers :

Ana (cousin) - "Abg Fiz, hepi burfday."

Hazwan - "Happy f***ing birthday brother bear!"

Atina (sister) - "epi epi birthday! Smoga dpanjankan umur! Muah2!"

Dody - Kamil kawanku, selamat hari tua, god bless u kamil. haengbokhaseyo ;)"

YMers :

Diela - "kamillllllllllll happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! weheeeeeeeeeeee nak hadiah :P

Syafiq Sado - "happy bday bro, gud luck hv fun"

Zack teddy picker - "selamat hari muda"

Ghazi - "kamiL! happy bday syg! muahh!! have a blast bro!

Sal - "ahhaha happy besday yaw"

Syed - "weh selamat harijadi weh semoga hensem selalu"

Helmi - "bear happy birthday brrrro!"


Ally Hassan said...

jangan salahkan ally nujum sebab simpan tepung dalam beg kuning yang besar gedabak tu.. :">
kita terus perjuangan dengan jus betik tu ye bear!!

happy happy birthday!!!! hang dah 2 dekad ni~ cepat2 cari awek! :">

neem said...

hapi beday~~