Monday, October 26, 2009

Hard Rock Hujan!

During the holidays, there wasn't anything much to do with this so call life... then I got a Facebook update saying that Hujan will be performing at Malaysia's very own Hard Rock Hotel in Penang... So that was my mission for the holidays. So I went to see what's going on with them... I asked Capix to join me in my quest...

I met a lot of interesting yet friendly people there... I mean... we can easily click with them even though their totally strangers! Not to mention a few cute girls even talked to me.. I was like "what what?" hahaha...

Well.. from what I'd experienced from the show, Hujan is great. They really enjoyed rocking out at hard rock hotel. It's just totally good music with Noh's showmanship, Ag's face melting solo, Hang Dimas's gut busting keyboard, Ambobzeela's heart thumping drums and Izzat's mind blowing bass.... haha I maybe exaggerating a bit but I really love good music and from a band I personally adore.. 2 big thumbs up for Hujan! keep raining boys!

with Noh

Do we look like twins?


Hang Dimas!

Rocking out...

The bartender


feeling the song... haha

the atmospehere

face melting solo...

uh baby it's raining... *giggles*

Here's a video of them performing "Sangkar Besi Hatiku" that I captured using my Canon G10... it's not much but enjoy... and owh.. please ignore my ikky tone deaf voice... *giggles*


Alia Ibrahim said...

goo Dimas goo!!
hahahahaahaa.. =P

DaYYaH DaDiDu said...

gempak siottt!!!
i loikeee si hujan ni haaaa