Sunday, October 28, 2012

Terus teranglah.

Soo Wincci feat. Joe Flizzow - Terus Teranglah

Malaysia's homegrown. Joe Flizzow doesn't need any introduction. Joe is among the pioneers of hip hop in Malaysia. Soo Wincci, hmmm.. I knew she's a singer, but I originally knew her from Masterchef Malaysia. Terus teranglah kan, I really love the sound. Decent music video with a lil bit twist at the end. I like it. Plus Soo Wincci looks so mighty fine, so no complaint there.

RnB and hip hop really need a comeback in Malaysia like pretty bad. It makes me miss this old days where I would always pop Too Phat or Ruffedge cassettes just to fall asleep. However, Malaysian aren't that fond of this kind of genre. We can see Dayang Nurfaizah, V.E, Ruffedge, Zahid, Phlowtron already disappeared from the music scene. I only know a few of my friends that's really into RnB and hip hop. Yup, I know sometimes it can be depressing. So it's up to artistes like Soo Wincci, Joe Flizzow and music like this that can turn the game upside down once more. 

"Cinta pandang pertama untuk kali terakhir"

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