Saturday, December 26, 2009

Singapore ain't a Bore!

Here's a photoblog of pictures I took during my one whole day visit at Singapore

The Journey begins for the 4 exited boys at 1.30 am

Do read the full post!!! *giggles*

Arrived at RnR Ayer Keroh around 2.30 am for a quick night cap

sleepy head

Arrived at JB around 5.30 where there's this Apek asked us "u want girls?" LOL

Stayed in a hotel nearby... cheap and comfy

sleep for 2 hours, then went straight to S'pore by bus. This the MRT terminal in Kranji, S'pore

commercial break!

 "Acip's Singapore affair" uuuuuuu~

among the apartments there...

Reached City Hall's terminal. In front of Capitol Building

The first shop we went it...

Check out the shoes there!

More shoes!!!!

There's this guitar shop that sells weird/groovy guitars!

Shortly after that, we headed to Bugis Junction...

I was exited to see this store.. unfortunately, I'm one size bigger than the size L there.. T__T

For lunch, we had THE most amazing nasi ayam penyet... the sambal belancan was 'pergh!'

inside the MRT terminal, we were on our way to Orchard Road

do I need to say MORE SHOES? *giggles*

commercial break!

I got dibs on the girl with the pink Nike highcut!

finished shopping around 8 pm, reached Johor around 11 pm. This was Acip's catch of the day!

Apiq's PUMA and SPERRY

Syed's Graniph hoodie and Converse...

and as for me, I got myself a Nike Airmax 90... didn't planned to buy it though, they talked me into it!


Anonymous said...

hello~nice to meet u..............................

mein melon said...

sronooookkk!! my mama dah bg green light pegi s'pore on March :D