Saturday, December 19, 2009

Girls, Shoes and I

Last night... I had the liberty of following half of my makciks to OU... they wanted to buy shoes for as long as I remembered... I  personally love to shop but I can't even matched to their power of shopping... they really define the term "shop til you drop". I was barely keeping up the pace with them... Until there are times I was left far far behind... can't blame them, they were hungry... for shoes! hahaha

I have to say that I am an experienced guy when it comes to shopping with girls. here are a few tips when you go out on a shopping spree with them;

1) you are not allowed to give your opinions to what they want unless they asked for it.

2) never ask them, "are you done?"

3) make sure u wear comfortable shoes because it could take all day before they make up their mind.

4) never leave them, you may wander off but make sure you'll be back before she calls you... you could at least wait outside of the shop if you're not much of a help.

5) patience is a virtue :p

6) my personal favourite, SHE'S ALWAYS RIGHT when it comes to shopping, trust me on this one guys :)

lucky for me, I like going out with them, I get to be with my feminine side... if I even have one... *giggles* my makciks taught me a lot in learning women... Ecah was the leader, Mein was the model and Alia was the babysitter... hahahah...

here's some of evidence... :)

let the hunting begin!


the infamous escalator pose

for more pictures! do click...

what to eat, what to eat

bz looking at the menu

Ecah "I can't believe he followed us to OU!"


a guy, 3 girls and lots of shoes...

yup, she parked her car in P&Co

Ecah "it fits! uhh... mayb not.."

Ecah personally loves this pictha.. dunno why

When I'm left alone...

Halftime break

Friendship shot~ that's what alia said

Mein "come come buy and wel'll throw u this tree... for free!"

She was craving for this purple cotton candy

Posing while wearing this one of a kind shoe

Mein and her shoes... and a bag..

Tako time... nyum nyum...


mein melon said...

haha! kamil beesstt xde whining2 mse shopping..

-zaza:o:binxz- said...

i tell u, if u love ur feet, dun go shopping with mein too often :oP~

Brader Bear said...

too late kak jaja XD...